Falcons Release Asante Samuel and Stephen Nicholas


The Falcons announced the release of CB Asante Samuel and OLB Stephen Nicholas today, marking the official start of release season for the NFL.

Samuel was scheduled to earn $3.5 million in base salary plus a possible $1 million in roster bonus money that was dependent on games active. He will now count for just $750,000 in dead money and free up slightly over $4 million in cap room for the Falcons. Nicholas was set to earn $3 million and his release will create $2 million in cap room. He was sparingly used in 2013 on defense this an easy decision for the Falcons.

As of Monday I estimated the Falcons to have around $7 million in cap room. They should now be around $12 million under the projected salary cap once we factor in the costs of two replacement players for Samuel and Nicholas.

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