Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract

The 49ers placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve yesterday, a few short weeks after benching him for what the 49ers said would be a temporary move to the bench to help Kaepernick clear his head. After backup Blaine Gabbert won his start with the team it seemed the 49ers were already pulling away from the temporary benching and this type of injury, much like Peyton Manning’s, is often a blessing in disguise for a team because it makes the whole process much neater. But since there may be some confusion on the Kaepernick contract I thought I would clarify some of the points surrounding the contract. Continue reading Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract »

Details of Alex Boone’s New Contract With the 49ers

G Alex Boone renegotiated his contract with the San Francisco 49ers on September 2, 2014. The total contract value is $6 million over two years with another $2 million available in incentives. The incentives are tied to being selected to the Pro Bowl and named to the first team All-NFL. Boone’s new contract called for a $400,000 raise in 2014 and a $1.95 million raise in 2015. In addition the team can not use the Franchise tag on Boone when his contract expires in 2016.