How Much Does an NFL Player Sign for and Why?

On yesterday’s episode of The Zack Moore Show, I discussed the topic of how much an NFL player signs for in free agency and why. I expanded on the topic, but below is the outline of the list I have.

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  • How much does a player sign for and why?
    • Team leverage: if the player is under contract or how many franchise tags they have
    • Player leverage: is he a free agent? Is he holding out and the team NEEDS him?
    • Market (contract comparables) – position
    • Market forces like other available players in free agency and the draft
    • Production – past, plus future projected
    • Future Injury Risk – can be based on past injury history
    • Draft position
    • Optics: fan reaction
    • Team roster stage: are they a Super Bowl contender or are they on the rebuild?
    • Player reputation with coaches and teammates (leader/work ethic, etc.)
    • Scheme fit 
    • How does he play against top competition?
    • Age

Zack Moore is a certified NFL agent, a writer for and, as well as the author of “Caponomics: Building Super Bowl Champions,” a book that breaks down how Super Bowl champions are built in the NFL’s salary cap era and discusses how NFL front offices can best allocate resources to create successful teams.

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