Is Bradford Right to Ask Eagles for a Trade

Reportedly Sam Bradford is unhappy with the Eagles decision to trade up to select a quarterback in the draft and may ask the Eagles for a trade, despite the fact that the Eagles have publically stated that he will be the starter this season. The Eagles signed Bradford this offseason to a two year contract that has already paid him $11 million and guarantees him $11 million more. Does Bradford have a real gripe here or not? Continue reading Is Bradford Right to Ask Eagles for a Trade »

Eagles Working on Maxwell Trade to Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly in discussions to with the Philadelphia Eagles to trade for cornerback Byron Maxwell according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Maxwell signed a $63 million contract in free agency last year that had $25 million guaranteed. Maxwell was a disappointment in Philadelphia and one of the big money acquisitions in the lone season with Chip Kelly in charge of the roster so it is not surprising that the Eagles would want to move on. It is surprising that Miami would want to take on $11.5 million in guarantees for him however.

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Is Lane Johnson’s Contract a Win for the Eagles?

Over the weekend there was pretty big buzz coming out of Philadelphia when the Eagles signed their right tackle Lane Johnson to a huge $11.25 million per year contract extension with over $35 million in guarantees.  My initial thought was the same as everyone else’s: “what in the world are they thinking”. Johnson was drafted 4th overall back in 2013 and has been a bit of a disappointment. He’s not a left tackle and these are the numbers for an elite left tackle. While I still don’t have all the numbers on the contract I have enough information now to I think put the contract in a context that we can all understand better and see why the Eagles signed the contract when they did and for this huge figure.

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The Paper Guarantees of a Contract Extension

The Eagles were in the news again today, this time signing tight end Brent Celek to a two year contract extension worth $8 million, $6 million of which is guarateed. Opinions on the contract signing are varied. Some think its a good idea to keep Celek while other think the Eagles should have let him walk next year when his original contract expired. The latter opinion is often argued in part because of the $6 million guarantee number that on it’s face seems pretty high for a player signing a cotract worth $4 million a year. But the reality is if the Eagles were going to keep Celek this season not only is it a no brainer to do the contract, but they got a bargain by extending him. The big sounding guarantee is more or less a trick that smart teams are able to use to protect themselves in the future by taking on almost no risk while signing a player for additional years.

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A Closer Look at the Eagles Contract with Zach Ertz

The Philadelphia Eagles locked up tight end Zach Ertz today on a 5 year contract extension worth over $42 million that will make him the 4th highest paid tight end behind Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski. Thanks to the great Joel Corry of CBS Sports we have the details on many of the important parts of the contract which allows us to look a little bit more critically at the deal to where it really ranks and in what ways the two sides comes out a winner.

The Eagles Advantages

When we look at Ertz I think the fairest comp players are Clay and Thomas, both of whom signed as free agents last season. Here are the two year average statistics going into negotiations for the three players

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