Comparing Pre- and Post-Contract Numbers for Top WRs

I’ve decided to go through some of the highly compensated players in the league and see how their performance has been since signing their deal, compared to before it.

I considered any player that is currently on a significant deal (above or around early 1st round pick range), and has played at least two seasons since signing. Today I’m taking a look at the wide receivers.. I’ve taken some baseline numbers to use for comparison, but also have to consider other factors such as age, injury and whether they changed team or system. Pro Football Reference has been a valuable tool for finding sortable stats across season ranges. Continue reading Comparing Pre- and Post-Contract Numbers for Top WRs »

2015 NFL Stock Up Week 1

Every week during the season I’ll take a look back at the games and select three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have helped their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on gameday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that exceeded all expectations and provided exceptional value to his team. So let’s see who made the cut in week 1…

Stock Up

Matt Forte– Running back is the toughest position in the NFL to convince a team you are worthy of a third contract that carries a high cost, but Forte did all he could to prove he’ll be the exception with his 141 yard game against the Packers. Forte kept the Bears in the game and had they run him more may have just snuck out of there with an upset. Forte was hoping for a new deal this offseason which didn’t happen, but a few more games like this and the Bears may bite. Continue reading 2015 NFL Stock Up Week 1 »

A Closer Look at Julio Jones $71.25 Million Contract

The other day Julio Jones signed a massive $71.25 million contract that will make him the 2nd highest paid receiver in the NFL. It is a very strong contract for Jones who will have $47 million guaranteed early in 2016, $2 million more than Dez Bryant’s recent extension. Normally when we value contracts that are extended we look at “new money” which is the additional money added to the existing value of the contract. That provides us the best way to compare pure free agent style contracts with those of players who have years remaining. But Jones’ contract situation was unique which led to a “win-win” negotiation where the two sides probably have somewhat different valuations on the contract. Continue reading A Closer Look at Julio Jones $71.25 Million Contract »

Falcons and Julio Jones Agree to Mega-Contract Extension

The Falcons have extended the contract of receiver Julio Jones to the tune of $71.25 million over five years according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. The extension had long been rumored and the $14.25 million per year average salary will make him the second highest paid receiver in the NFL. Mortensen reported that $47 million of the contract is guaranteed but it is likely that the full guaratee is less than that and in line with the $32 and $35 million guarantees earned by Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas.  Continue reading Falcons and Julio Jones Agree to Mega-Contract Extension »