Stock Down: Week 13


Every Monday during the season we will take a look back at three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have hurt their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on Sunday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that did not live up to the expectations that his contract sets for the player.

Stock Down

Champ Bailey– With the division and a potential number 1 seed on the line the Broncos had to make an incredibly difficult decision with a future Hall of Fame cornerback which they did when they relegated Bailey to the bench. Bailey was exposed badly in the playoffs last year and I thought Denver could consider moving on then but they kept with him and gave him another chance on a pretty high salary. I think Bailey even realizes his body is breaking down and he’s going to be given the chance to retire, but if he doesn’t retire the Broncos probably will have no choice following multiple games like this one.

James Anderson– The veteran linebacker was supposed to bring some type of experience to a linebacking corps. that was turning over, but Anderson has been as bad as he was in Carolina and his time in the NFL looks to be coming to an end. The Bears signed Anderson to a one year contract after he was released by the Panthers but he has failed to make any type of positive impact over the last few weeks of the season. Yesterday Adrian Peterson ran all over the Bears defense and Anderson was nowhere to be seen, being blocked out of almost every play.

Santonio Holmes– Nobody seems to have an explanation for what happened to Holmes yesterday in the Jets abysmal effort against the Dolphins. Holmes was supposed to be prepared to play and he did…for two snaps.  He seemed to indicate that he felt fine but nobody was saying he was benched either, but the bottom line is that Holmes is missing games left and right this season and has fallen off the map as far as wide receivers go. He’s going to be cut as soon as the season is over and he may have a difficult time finding a job for anything more than the minimum salary.

New Contract Disappointment Of The Week

Donnie Avery– The Chiefs signed Avery this offseason to be the secondary receiver to Dwayne Bowe. Avery has had an ok year and leads the team in yards, but in a critical game against the Broncos he was a disaster. Avery had three big drops on the afternoon which were plays that a receiver has to make. While they may not have won if he made the catches he gave them no chance with those drops. In that type of shootout you have to play perfect and Avery was anything but.