Building the Bronco Formula for 2016

I was going to write something about Von Miller this week, but I’m glad Jason did because it’s right in line with what I would have projected. I saw many on Twitter projecting him to be in the $120 million plus range, with other saying vague things like, “VON MILLER JUST GOT PAID!!!” I understand the reasoning behind why many would suggest Miller be in the $120 million range due to his incredible performance in the playoffs and the contract Ndamukong Suh just signed.

In Jason’s article, he did a great job of breaking down Suh and Calvin Johnson’s contract into the early money years and cash flows, so that Miller had something to project in terms of that, rather than shoot for that big, ESPN splash contract like theirs were. The goal is to maximize your earnings, so getting early money, having a contract with dead money hits that provide cap security for yourself, plus having a contracts that allows your team to compete help in all three of those categories.

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