Analyzing the Colin Kaepernick Salary Decision

There hasn’t been much NFL news of note since the initial wave of free agency ended, but there is an interesting situation brewing between Colin Kaepernick, the Broncos, and 49ers. The 49ers gave Kaepernick permission to seek a trade but claim they still want him to be their quarterback. The Broncos have already made it known they would like to have him but at a reduced price or nearly $7 million from his current contract.  Apparently if he would agree to the reduced salary or an effective buyout from the 49ers where the 49ers pay some of his salary prior to the trade then this would be a done deal. The question is should Kaepernick agree to some kind of paycut? Continue reading Analyzing the Colin Kaepernick Salary Decision »

Kaepernick to Seek Trade from 49ers

It’s NFL Combine time and with the Combine always comes contract news and today’s big story is that Colin Kaepernick has asked to seek a trade from the 49ers. This comes just one day after San Francisco indicated they were committed to having the quarterback on the roster this year, but also seemed to indicate that he would compete for the starting job. You can read between the lines on that and it seemed that Kaepernick’s agents did just that.  So let’s briefly look at his contract, who could be interested and what the price might be.

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Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract

The 49ers placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve yesterday, a few short weeks after benching him for what the 49ers said would be a temporary move to the bench to help Kaepernick clear his head. After backup Blaine Gabbert won his start with the team it seemed the 49ers were already pulling away from the temporary benching and this type of injury, much like Peyton Manning’s, is often a blessing in disguise for a team because it makes the whole process much neater. But since there may be some confusion on the Kaepernick contract I thought I would clarify some of the points surrounding the contract. Continue reading Looking at Kaepernick’s Injury and Contract »

2016 NFL Free Agency: Quarterbacks Overview

Over the last two weeks I have given my opinions on the upcoming class of free agent running backs and wide receivers, and this week I turn my attention to the quarterbacks. Since there are not many starting quarterbacks who will be available I have also included thoughts on the bigger name players who will likely be rumored to be moved in the offseason. As usual I will give my opinion on some salary ranges for the players and remember you can always keep up with NFL free agents on our free agent pages.

Sam Bradford, Eagles

Bradford may be the hardest player to value in quite some time. Rarely do former top draft picks at the position hit true free agency (plenty are released and available) but there is a real chance Bradford will make it there. Bradford has been in the NFL for six years and at best you can give him an incomplete as a pro. He had five injury riddled seasons in St Louis and at no time during his healthy periods did he look as if he was a special quarterback. He was traded to the Eagles this year and has continued to battle inconsistency. Continue reading 2016 NFL Free Agency: Quarterbacks Overview »

Looking at Colin Kaepernick’s Contract and Possible Future with the 49ers

Over the last two seasons there has probably been no bigger disappointment in the NFL at the quarterback position than 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick’s team nearly won a Super Bowl in 2012 and was close to returning in 2013. Kaepernick was rewarded with a contract extension that would pay him $19 million a season with the upside potential to earn more based on performance. Since that time his efficiency has crashed and in the last two weeks his play looks like that of a rookie who has never player in the NFL before. With questions circulating about his future let’s look at his contract and the 49ers options moving forward. Continue reading Looking at Colin Kaepernick’s Contract and Possible Future with the 49ers »

2015 NFL Stock Down: Week 3

Every week during the season I’ll take a look back at the games and select three players who are entering important stages of their contract that could have hurt their upcoming negotiations with their play on gameday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that did not live up to his new contract.

Stock Down

Matt Forte– If you want to get another big contract at Forte’s point of his career you have to standout and Forte did nothing of the sort with Chicago. Granted he has nothing to work with but by no means did he look like a difference maker. Forte should ask for a trade given  the Bears current state of affairs. Continue reading 2015 NFL Stock Down: Week 3 »

The 2015 Sando/ESPN QB Tiers Project and Salaries

Mike Sando of ESPN just wrote up his 2nd annual QB tier rankings in which he polled a number of football people to rank the quarterbacks in the NFL. Mike then crunches the numbers to place players into one of four tiers. It’s a great concept and helps illustrate the various opinions that people have on players in the NFL.  And for the second straight year I’ll look at the opinions and see how they line up with salaries in the NFL.

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