The Wolf Of Broad Street: The 3 Quarterback Strategy and Asset Trading

Last November, I spoke to a contact with the Eagles regarding the potential for a three quarterback strategy; up to that point in the season, it was clear to me that Sam Bradford was not someone they wanted to rely on as their quarterback of the future without another long-term option. It was a strategy I saw the 1989 Dallas Cowboys use when they selected Troy Aikman first overall in the draft and Steve Walsh in the first round of the supplemental draft. Rather than bet on one quarterback, they decreased the chance of being without a competent starter by acquiring two high potential guys.

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“What We Talkin’ About”: Process, Quality, and Percentages

This is the final draft of the first chapter of Caponomics: Moneyball Thinking for the NFL. We’re sending it out to publishers this week, but a) I’d love to share it with the Over The Cap audience as I’ve been unable to post much since March as I’ve been in the process of re-writing my first draft of Caponomics and b) I figured this would be an avenue to reach publishers I don’t have access to.

After about 16 months of researching the salary caps of Super Bowl champions, this chapter is an introduction to a book that is (my best attempt at) the process or the blueprint for how to build a successful NFL franchise. 

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Zack Moore Show #3: Paul DePodesta and Soviet Hockey

Today’s podcast talks about a variety of things from Paul DePodesta to the Soviet Union hockey team and their coach, all the way to Lane Kiffin in a conversation about how some incredible minds come up with new, unique solutions.

Two important questions that are brought up from Mike Vorkunov’s Vice Sports piece on Paul DePodesta are:

1) What can I take from this and how can I maybe apply it to baseball and make us better?
2) If we weren’t already doing it this way, do you think this is the way we would do it?

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Patriots Win Super Bowls with Cheap Offensive Lines

Tonight, everyone on Thursday Night Football is mentioning how young and inexperienced this Patriots offensive line is, but this is nothing new in New England as they have always had young, inexperienced and inexpensive offensive lines. As Deion Sanders and others have mentioned tonight, Tom Brady gets the ball off very quickly. These two things are correlated.

As I wrap up the first draft of Caponomics, I joked to someone that at times the entire study of Caponomics really begins to feel like a discussion of “what did Belichick and the Patriots do?” because they’re that good, they wrote the book on how to use the salary cap to your advantage. They’re so good that not only did Brady cost about 4% less than Manning, their main competitor, all these years, but the Patriots gave Brady what is still his biggest cap hit, $17.42 million in 2010, the uncapped season.

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#MooresLaw2 featuring Caponomics!

In an attempt to make #MooresLaw much more conversational and natural than it was during the first episode, there are no notes accompanying this episode. I wanted to only use the notes that I wrote for myself on my trusty yellow legal pad. On that legal pad, I broke teams down into their own sheet of paper with notes, questions, and examples of things I see written below that team’s name.

My point with all of this is that I think I’ve found a nice, natural format for the podcast and I think that you guys will really enjoy it as it evolved. I am very excited to start trying to master this craft because I think a podcast will allow us to explore many more topics than any one article I write ever could. Plus, with the time constraints that we all have, my articles always get long, so rather than read those long articles, now you can listen to a podcast that has more content than those articles and the content is packaged in a way that I feel is going to be much more convenient for you as you commute to work, go for a run or just try to unwind at the end of the workday.

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Moore’s Law Podcast Episode #1: Concussions, Painkillers and Week 2 Caponomics

UPDATE: I was able to upload it to SoundCloud, the link is below!

(Download SoundCloud on your phone if you want to listen to it on the go!)


Moore’s Law Podcast #1

I recorded this on Tuesday night after a weekend spent taking notes on the college and NFL games. I wanted to wait until I got the Moore’s Law podcast up on iTunes, so that I could direct everyone through there because I think that podcasts are much better when they are listened to as an audio file on your phone, rather than on YouTube, so that you can listen to it if you go workout, commute, do some work around the house or cook.

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#Caponomics Excerpt: Opening of Front Office Theories Section

Below is an unfinished draft of the beginning of the Front Office section of the “Caponomics Theories” section of “#Caponomics: Understanding NFL Roster Building through Super Bowl Champion Salary Cap Analysis” which I’m pushing to have published and available on Amazon during training camp. I started this project in February after going to the NFL Combine and originally planned on having it done by June. Of course, I had no idea what I was talking about because I’ve never written a book before and it’s taken longer than I originally thought, so it might be out in August or it might be out a little later than that. On top of that, I am preparing for the NFLPA’s Agent Certification Exam that’s in July, so it could be delayed a little more as I prepare for that. Continue reading #Caponomics Excerpt: Opening of Front Office Theories Section »