Small Detail on Rams and Lions QB Swap

Yesterday was the first day of the league year in the NFL and we expected a flurry of trades and cuts to happen that day. Pretty much all went as planned with the Eagles designating their two June 1 cuts, all the trades like Trent Brown to the Patriots being made official, etc…except one thing. The Rams and Lions did not make their trade of Jared Goff and Matt Stafford official (while they did make their Michael Brockers trade official).

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal except in this case both players have roster bonuses in their contracts. Stafford’s is due the 5th day of the league year so there is still time before that one, but Goff has a $2.5 million roster bonus due today, the 2nd day of the league year. Since the trade was not executed before today that should remain with the Rams, increasing Goffs dead money with the Rams by $2.5 million and reducing the Lions responsibility for Goff by $2.5 million.

Now it is entirely possible that Goff has agreed to delay the roster bonus but given that the two sides had over a month to work on this one I would guess that this was probably a condition of the trade. Anyway we are adjusting the cap numbers as if it stays with the Rams and if we find out otherwise will swap it back. Stafford we are keeping as is unless this is not finalized for a few more days.