Send Your Questions In for Saturday’s Podcast!


Its that time of week again so send in whatever you have and Ill try to cover it. Thus far I’ll be talking a little Steelers, best/worst contracts with a focus on (who else) the Jets, and a bit on my defensive end formulas. So post them, email, them or tweet them, and Ill cover it tomorrow night.

  • Bob

    Under the previous CBA, contract re-negotiations for top 10 picks came at an increased cost — as they were based at least somewhat on an already exorbitant starting point. For example, Vernon Davis was drafted #6 overall and was given a top line TE contract extension four years into his rookie deal despite only one high-end season.

    With players such as Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, and Ndamukong Suh headed for free agency over the next few years, do you think that future contracts / extensions for top picks under the prior CBA will continue to use that precedent?

    With Cam Newton, Von Miller, Aldon Smith, and others from the 2011 Draft being eligible to re-negotiate after the 2013 season — albeit with far less leverage, as you’ve mentioned previously — how do you think a flatter cap will affect negotiations for high-end players?

    • Bob

      *high-end players or high draft picks going for a second contract…