Seahawks Trade for Duane Brown

After years of neglecting the offensive line the Seahawks began a shift this year with a few bigger contracts and today may a really big move by trading for disgruntled Texans left tackle Duane Brown. Brown had held out for a new contract until just this week when he made his return to Houston. What was already a damaged relationship likely got much worse when the Texans owner made some statements in a meeting that insinuated that the players in the NFL were prison inmates.

To make the move work within the salary cap the Seahawks included cornerback Jeremy Lane and will likely restructure Browns contract by converting the remainder of his salary to a signing bonus that would prorate over this year and 2018.

Seattle already indicated that they want Brown to retire with the team which likely means they will work on an extension with Brown, but I would think 24 hours is a short time to get that done. In general Seattle usually extends their players in late December when doing in season moves, so I would think it would happen late in the year.

This is a good landing spot for Brown because they have a clear need and are usually very generous with their contracts, especially for 2nd and 3rd contract guys. I would anticipate a deal closer in style to Andrew Whitworth’s $11.25 million contract than the Eagles shifting money around for a few extra guaranteed dollars for Jason Peters.

This is a good trade for both sides. The Texans were likely going to have to cut Brown after the season the way things were going down and gotten nothing in return. Now they will get a late pick next year and a second rounder two years from now. I doubt they could have gotten a better offer. They will also save a few million on the cap this year.

Seattle gets a terrific left tackle that should be able to give them three good years provided he stays healthy. Seattle is already an older team with big contracts and one of the best teams in the NFL. This is the time that they have to do whatever they can to maximize their window of opportunity and they have never been a stranger to making impact trades.

I cant say that this makes Seattle the favorite in the NFC but it upgrades a significant weakness and if anything now turns it into a strength. The team has no running game and their success is going to be totally related to Russell Wilson and his health. This gives him a chance to stay upright longer and be even more effective.

In terms of cap room the Seahawks basically had none before the trade and will have none after the trade. It will reduce their space for next year as well by a few million, but as I said above I expect them to work out a new deal which will lower his cap charge and give them more than enough to work with as they make their next series of extensions for the players in their secondary.