Salary Cap Space and Roster Updates


Well it’s been a hectic few days as teams have taken rosters down to 53, signed Practice Squad players, moved players to reserve lists, traded players, and on and on and on. Thanks for bearing with me as I’ve worked through getting the rosters up to date and continue to get them up to date.

The big news is that we have officially switched our salary cap space estimates to in-season accounting where everyone counts on the salary cap rather than just the top 51 cap hits. We’ve cross checked it against a few teams so it seems to be working correctlty, but if you see anything that looks off just let me know via email or Twitter as mistakes are easy enough to occur.

A few notes about where we are with the salary cap right now, which is very fluid:

-I currently have somewhere around 70% of the Practice Squad players online. The salaries I am using for them is just the minimum but a few players will earn more. When I find that out I’ll update accordingly.

-You will notice that there have been many added small dead money charges following cuts and a few UDFAs still listed without bonus money. I never uploaded those in part because of the time involved and in part in looking to protect the information. If I have figures for those players they will be updated by next week.

-I do not have salary information for players on the NFI lists right now. Teams do not have to play players on NFI, but many choose to do so, with salaries ranging anywhere from a Practice Squad salary to the full salary in a contract. Due to time constraints most contracts I have simply left alone. For most teams that is not a big deal but for teams like the 49ers that makes a big difference. I will try to determine those numbers this week.

-There are many injury settlements and grievances that will be accounted for eventually with an adjustment made to each teams salary cap limit

– All suspended players should have had their cap hits changed to reflect their suspensions

– I have not gotten the information or had the time to add in the latest signings/extensions/restructures. So the cap figures as of Sept 1 do not include the current figures for Alex Smith, Jurrell Casey, Kyle Orton, Alex Boone, etc… There are also some restructures that I am sure the Rams, Redskins, etc… have likely done today that I dont know about. Hopefully by the end of the week Ill get up to date

– Finally, in a shameless plus, if you plan on trying out FanDuel this year please sign up using our promotional code OTC100. Ill probably get back to doing some fantasy postings this week.

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