Salary Cap Set At $133 Million


Well it is now official that the NFL Salary Cap for 2014 is a whopping $133,000,000. How it got there who knows.  Its hard to imagine that revenues will skyrocket that much this season, but I guess increases in TV revenue are on their way in. Maybe that CBS deal had a major impact for the Thursday night games.

With the salary cap being set we can officially set the franchise tags, transition tags, and RFA tender numbers. Remember that the transition tag is the 2015 option value for any 2011 rookie drafted in the top 10. The tag numbers were provided on Twitter by Albert Breer. The RFA tags are my own calculations/estimates.

In addition the increase in cap is going to lead (or at least should lead) to the first increase in rookie signing bonus money, which has been frozen at 2011 levels for the prior two drafts. I’ll put some rough estimates up for those over the weekend. The signing bonus money that can be spent on undrafted free agents should now be $81,922.

Here are the Franchise/Transition tag numbers:

Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag
QB $16,912,000 $14,666,000
RB $9,540,000 $8,033,000
WR $12,312,000 $10,176,000
Te $7,035,000 $6,106,000
OL $11,654,000 $10,039,000
DE $13,116,000 $10,633,000
DT $9,645,000 $8,060,000
LB $11,455,000 $9,754,000
CB $11,834,000 $10,081,000
S $8,433,000 $7,253,000
K/P $3,556,000 $3,205,000

Here are the RFA Tenders:

Tender Amount
1st Round $3,113,000
2nd Round $2,187,000
ROFR/Original Round $1,431,000