Rosters Just About Complete


I just wanted to update everyone on the status of roster pages. Most are now complete to reflect all transactions through September 1, including yesterdays claims and trades. The UDFA’s who made the teams have also been uploaded to the charts. Salaries have been updated for suspensions that technically began yesterday. I have to look into signing bonus treatment for those players. They will forfeit bonus money, in some cases significant amounts (Von Miller, Justin Blackmon), but for some reason I think that teams get a credit for that next season rather than this one, but I’m not sure.

Most of the teams are now complete but there are a few stragglers here and there who either need to have roster status changed or be deleted completely. Please continue to let me know via Twitter and email if you see someone missing or an incorrect designation for a player. II’ll also get Practice Squad estimates up over the next day or two. Most PS players will make the same but certain teams (Patriots, Buccaneers) have been known to go well beyond the minimum salary. Those will be changed when I receive the proper information.

‘ll change the cap space page over to the real cap charges instead of the top 51 by tomorrow night. Teams must comply with the real salary cap by 4PM on Wednesday and obviously many still have work to do. Please note that being suspended or placed on IR/PUP does not mean your cap charges disappear. I have received a few emails about that. Those players still count in the top 51 right now and will all count in the top 53. NFI receives different treatment depending on if teams agree to pay P5 salary or not.

Finally I want to thank Dave Ely who has helped me out all summer keeping up with roster movement and it was a super help these last 3 or 4 days.

Thanks for the support…