The Ravens New School Smash Mouth Style of Offense Versus Belichick’s Team Building Model

As a preview for this week’s Sunday Night Football match-up with the Patriots at the Ravens, I wrote an article for Baltimore Sports and Life. John Harbaugh and Greg Roman believe their offensive system may be the next evolution in offensive football, which I can believe, especially after the success over the first seven games of this season.

But the great test for any idea is a battle with Bill Belichick. This year, it’s an especially hard test as his defense has been constructed using team building principles that he’s been using forever. He constantly finds low-cost veterans to build an experienced and intelligent roster, which is allowing for his defense to be incredibly multiple and aggressive this season. This has led to a historic season through eight games.

Lamar Jackson and his Ravens offense will try to change the course of history this Sunday.

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