Rams Trade WR Allen Robinson to the Steelers

The Rams were able to make find a trade partner in the Steelers for wide receiver Allen Robinson, in what amounts to a $5 million salary dump trade for the rebuilding Rams. According to Adam Schefter, the Rams will eat $10.25 million of Robinson’s guaranteed salary with the Steelers taking on the other $5 million. The Rams and Steelers will swap 7th round picks as part of the trade.

The signing of Robinson will go down as one of the all time worst moves in free agency. The Rams took a bullish approach to Robinson despite Robinson’s struggles in his final year as a Chicago Bear. The contract was worth $15 million a season with $30.25 million fully guaranteed at signing. Ultimately the Rams will have paid Robinson $25.75 million for a grand total of 33 receptions for 339 yards. The Rams will carry $21.45 million in dead money for Robinson and are now up to about $74 million in dead money for the 2023 season.

The Steelers will hope that they can get something out of Robinson who is now two years removed from a 1,200 yard season. $5 million is about the cost of a number 3 receiver so all he needs to do is fit that role to be worth the investment for the year. The Steelers currently have about $5.6 million in cap room.