Quick Thoughts on Top 25

After watching the games last weekend, I knew I needed to check out the AP Top 25 after the weekend to confirm what we all already knew: the SEC is king.

There are 6 SEC teams in the Top 25, but more impressive than that is the fact that there are FIVE in the Top 10, FOUR in the Top 7 and that’s with nonsense like Notre Dame at #5 in front of Auburn and Alabama who would smoke them.

This is all with teams like Florida, LSU, South Carolina and last year’s runner-up, Missouri, all outside the Top 25. Would you even definitively take Notre Dame on the road against any of those four teams?

The SEC is just a step above everyone else, it’s not a knock on anyone else, it’s just a great example of the way competition pushes people. I believe part of the reason that the SEC is great is the same reason the American League East has been good for a decade, the Rays, Blue Jays and Orioles were chasing the big spending Yankees and Red Sox, and since they couldn’t outspend them, they had to innovate or be doomed to failure. .

We’ve seen both the Orioles and Rays have success in their own ways, there’s even a great book on the Rays that I read this spring called The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First. I highly recommend that to our OTC readers who enjoy baseball.

In the SEC, there’s no complacency if you want to be successful, you’re always chasing the leaders of college football.

What are your thoughts?