The Questions Woody Johnson Must Ask About Idzik, Rex, and the Jets


With another lackluster loss in the books for the Jets I wanted to look at some of the decisions that the team will need to make in the future regarding their current front office. The decisions in this case need to come from the top, and that lies with the owner Woody Johnson making some very difficult decisions about the team that he must be firm on.

The Jets have had a different way of dealing with some of their front office decisions than most (not necessarily all, but most) teams in the NFL. When the Jets hired John Idzik to run the franchise in 2013 it was with the condition that Rex Ryan be retained as head coach. That’s not a foreign concept. The Bears and Panthers both hired General Managers where the coaches were retained from the prior regime. The one difference is that it was made clear to those GM’s that they had autonomy to make the decision the next year on who would run the team. Idzik did not seem to have the same power, a position reinforced by a recent tweet by Ian Rapoport that indicated Ryan was safe for 2015, but Idzik could be in danger. That’s a strange way to run a franchise.

If the organization if to make a turn for the better Johnson has to ask himself a few questions and understand all the variables about draft picks, free agency, rebuilding phiosophies, coaching strengths and weakneeses to try to stabilize a ship that seems to be taking on more and more water by the week.

1. What direction is the franchise taking?

The answers to all questions really build off of this one. While the GM, in theory, ultimately decides the direction, ownership needs to be on board with what has to be done. If ownership is not 100% behind the plan it is doomed to failure the minute a bump in the road is hit. In many ways I feel this is a problem for the current Jets as their decision making seems to pull the team in a few different directions at once. It just feels like two wasted years.

The Jets need to define a clear path of action for the organization. Is this a competitive team?  Is it a rebuilding team?  If it is a rebuilding team how major is the rebuild and how do you want to rebuild. Do you want to rebuild in the manner of the Buccaneers (major signings in free agency hoping for a quick solution), Raiders (clear the cap, grab all moderate cost questionable vets in free agency, maintain cap space over long term), or Packers (forego free agency, develop within and pay when they hit). What are you willing to risk with each plan and can you stick with the plan for three years without wanting answers after one season?

If you plan on being competitive immediately map out a path as to why its the case and how will you get there. What do you see on the roster that nobody else does that makes you think you can compete quickly. Cleveland and Houston are two short term successes this year that likely had to make that same call in 2014.  Carolina looks to have done the same and may be sustaining it over two years. Do the Jets have the talent base in place to do this? It’s important that the owner understands and is comfortable with whatever the GM is proposing before the GM is hired/retained. They cant try to alter whatever path the GM has once it gets started.

2. Is John Idzik the man for the job?

No matter what angle you want to take with Idzik, the bottom line is the Jets are in no better shape than when he took over. When you look for young building blocks on the team there are few- DE Muhammad Wilkerson and DE/DT Sheldon Richardson. Calvin Pryor and Jace Amaro may be good players, but I don’t consider those positions to be those you build an organization around. There are a few situational pieces like Damon Harrison, Demario Davis and Leger Douzable who will certainly have a role on a decent team.

The team still has no quarterback and the offensive line is fading fast to the point where it looks as if it may need to be totally rebuilt in the near term. The secondary has gone from a strength to a weakness. The wide receivers remain poor. Basically the Jets have shifted the talent base from the offensive to the defensive line and gotten younger, but worse, in the secondary.

Idzik’s moves into the free agent marketplace have been up and down.  Mike Vick and Chris Johnson look like wastes of dollars. Mike Goodson and Dimitri Patterson ended up leaving the team the butt of jokes. Chris Ivory can give the team some identity when he is clicking. Erik Decker gives the Jets a professional receiver, while Dawan Landry and Willie Colon are decent fill in the gap veterans. There are clearly no home runs but he wasn’t swinging for the fences either.

The biggest misses for Idzik have come in the draft. The one thing that gave Tannenbaum leeway early on was that he hit a home run in his first two drafts with the Jets. In his first draft he focused on building block pieces (a tackle and center with his first two picks then a QB in round 2) and fixing the depth on the team. Out of that first draft he ended up with two Pro Bowl offensive lineman and four players who would contribute to the team in some manner over the next 5 years.

Because of the success of the first draft, “Trader Mike” was born in draft number two, where he focused on perceived quality over quantity. Tannenbaum would draft all world cornerback Darrelle Revis and a solid linebacker in David Harris. Though the QB flopped, in two years he came out with two starting lineman, a cornerback, and inside linebacker, and a contributing running back, safety, kick returner, and cornerback. That allowed him to go an add in free agency since he had a cheap talent pool locked up through 2009/10.

Idzik has hit a foul ball in his two drafts. Richardson is a building block player, though the Jets are going to have to coach him in handling frustrating times as he seems to be struggling with being on a losing team in such a big market. He found a guard and a fullback who may contribute, but those are not really positions where it’s impactful unless you are a top line player and neither player is. This year they had 12 picks and it looks like they may have a tight end and safety. Even if those two pan out very rarely do you build a team by “hitting” at those two positions.

After two years it is human nature to question the ability of the man in charge when the results have been so unimpressive. One can point fingers at the coaching staff and their inability to develop players (those same fingers could have been pointed when the last man was fired), but after seeing this result it is difficult to look at Idzik in as positive a light as when he took the job.

3. Do you trust Idzik with another three years?

The Jets are likely going to be in a very strong position in the draft and in free agency due to large unused cap space. These are defining moments for a franchise. When you select in the top 5 in the draft you could be selecting your franchise QB. Even if you do not get the QB you are likley going to find a piece that is supposed to anchor you for a decade, whether it is a pass rusher or an offensive lineman.

If Johnson wants to fast track the plan and go the route of a team like the Miami Dolphins, who had a similar roster a few years ago as the current Jets and decided to go wild in free agency, it pretty much locks in the roster for the next three years.  It’s locked in for that time because the GM will either need to guarantee large amounts of salary or prepay large bonuses that make it difficult to release such players before the three year window expires. At best you have to hold them on the roster for two seasons and on the salary cap for three.

The Jets are going to have a decision to make on a head coach. If you are going outside the room it is going to be a commitment financially for three years at a minimum. You would be bringing in a new head coach and new coordinators and assistants. They may change the base defense you run. They may have different philosophies on offense. Maybe they do not want an aging Nick Mangold on the team. Maybe they do not feel Wilkerson is the best fit for their defense. Jet fans will remember when Eric Mangini was hired to coach the Jets it essentially meant the team needed to punt John Abraham and Jon Vilma because there was no way for them to fit. Coaching decisions can alter a franchise.

These are franchise defining decisions.  If Idzik is on a short leash, meaning he makes the playoffs in 2015 or he goes, then how can you let him make these big decisions.  What absolutely can not happen in 2015 is to let a general manager you have no faith in go out and hire a new coaching staff just so you can give him a “fair shake”.  You cant have him sign ridiculous contracts for players that nobody else wants.

This is really why the answer to the first question has to be a resounding yes if you want to keep Idzik. You can not allow Idzik to go and draft another QB with a high pick, bring in a new system, sign vets to long term deals, and then saddle a new GM with a lame duck coach and QB he never wanted in the first place. That will just send the franchise into further turmoil when the inevitable happens in 2016 and you are bringing in another GM with another lame duck coach/QB combo. Its just going to lead to a repeat of the last two years except the names will be different.

In this regard draft position and draft class quality should weigh heavily on the determination of what to do with Idzik if there is any hesitation from ownership on his future. The owner will also need to be active in setting a budget and contract parameters in this case. This is obviously what happened in Oakland this past year. While I don’t think that is the correct path for any organization to take it is the only path one can take if there is limited faith in the GM. You have to block them from determining the future, but rather allow them to just take an approach for the short term while you further decide their future.

4. Is Rex Ryan the right man for the job?

I think if we look back at Ryan’s tenure the big picture item is that he is a good coach of veterans and not as successful with young talent. When Ryan took over the 2009 Jets they were a team that was already strong in fundamentals from either Mangini or other coaches around the NFL. Whatever Ryan’s shortcomings may have been as a teacher/calming influence were more than made up by the wealth of experience that was brought and could be shared by Damien Woody, Alan Faneca, Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, Thomas Jones, LaDainian Tomlinson, and others. Rex was great at getting things out of players who felt they had been given up on (Braylon Edwards, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes) and motivating everyone else to give 120%. It seemed infectious to even mediocre players who he found roles for and challenged them to succeed in.

But as the roster turned over and the veterans were released the message started to get lost. When you talked with players in 2009 and 2010 they talked about how they would jump off a building if Rex wanted them to.  Now when they ask players about Rex it’s more the usual lip service about how they like the coach. The veterans who the players in part leaned on about how to handle adversity are all gone. Now after every loss Ryan just seems perplexed that they can’t win and the situation is not getting better.

I firmly believe that if the 49ers moved in a different direction and let go of Harbaugh and brought in Rex Ryan they would be a lock for the championship game. The same might occur in Atlanta if they upgraded their defensive personnel a bit. That’s where Ryan is most effective. Veteran teams. Veteran players. Getting some momentum going and letting everyone feed off it.

That is not the Jets, at least not right now. If Johnson is fully on board with a complete rebuilding of the franchise you can not keep Rex Ryan as coach. It really should be that simple. If the draft picks are not being coached up properly then you have wasted two years by forcing pieces to work together that simply do not mesh. Don’t waste a third year of development if you have faith in who Idzik is drafting and are giving Idzik the long term to fix this mess.

Woody can not make this about his belief in Rex and that he is a good coach. It is about identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Rex may very well be a great coach in a certain situation. If that situation no longer applies you are not saying Rex is a bad coach, its just saying he is a bad fit for your situation.

If you have a different outlook on how to build the squad and the situation is going to change, Rex might be the guy for a free agent type of team. The fact is this is a decision that should have been made when Idzik first took the job and proposed trading Darrelle Revis and letting a number of veterans walk to build up draft pick quantity. The owner can not continue to protect his coach if he is going to have a team built from the ground floor. It is not Rex’s strength and it just dragged everyone down.

If Johnson is so enamored with Ryan that he is deemed untouchable then he needs to confer with Ryan as to who he would like to work with in the future. One of the reasons he and Tannenbaum worked so well together is because Mike took a lot of what Rex said and tried to implement it in his building of the team. While things fell apart at the end that is the type of relationship a powerful coach must have with his GM.  Again I don’t like this idea, but you have to be honest with yourself if you are the decision maker and if this is the road you are going to travel than you must play to the coaches strengths and make the best decision possible under the circumstances.

Too often teams fail in sports because of decisions that come down from far above the GM. It’s one of the problems on the Jets that has led to a pretty dreadful outlook on the future. The Idzik/Ryan pairing has seemed poor from the start and the team has probably wasted two years trying to find a way to make it work for both sides. Two guys with very different personalities and very different philosophies  trying to find a common ground to keep both sides happy and the Jets relevant. With potential franchise defining decisions just months away for the Jets, their owner needs to set a firm direction for the team and give whomever is in charge, whether its Idzik, Rex, or someone else the authority to put their stamp on the team and not be hindered by “suggestions” that come from ownership. This is too important a time to be on the fence about what is and is not in the best interest of the organization. Get all the facts and make the decision about what vision the team will have in the future and go all in on that decision. That’s the only way such a team will turn things around in the future so tha they can become one of the franchises that the other 31 teams look at and say “this is how we want to run our team”



  • a57se

    Jason, I disagree with you about Rex being better with veterans over younger players.
    Last years team over acheived and that roster is probably no better then this years. The young players that have been brought in are just not that very good. The few with Talent have played well under Rex ( Wilk, Coples and Richardson) the rest just weren’t good enough.
    That goes back to the scouting and GM selections.

    • I guess it depends on what you thought of last season. The way I looked at it the Jets record basically defied logic based on the numbers they put up last season. The Jets played like a 4 win team but somehow managed a middle of the pack record in spite of that. So I didnt see that as development I saw it more as a miracle.

      I just see as the team has gotten younger and younger the performance has gotten worse and worse. 2011 was much worse than 2010. 2012 was far worse than 2011. I don’t think 2013 was much better than 2012. Even if you believe it was clearly 2014 is worse than all of them.

      But if we pin that all on the GM then thats fine. It just means we fit into the Rex should stay category. I think the blame lies with both. I think the selections are not very good but Rex is also not getting anything extra out of these guys. Unless its a first rounder it seems there is no hope and even a 1st rounder is no guarantee. Almost every offensive talent has failed here from Sanchez to Hill to Ducasse to Smith.

      • aggs

        Let’s not forget Terry Bradway and the scouts. Might need to clean house there as well.

      • a57se

        We were 8-5 with three to play in 2011…Sanchez was having a good year with 21 TD;s and 9 INT’s…Injuries derailed that season as well as Sanchez falling apart with 7 INT’s the last three games. I thought that was the best of the 2009-2011 teams except for the result.
        2012 we paid the price for the ‘all in’ 2009-2010 seasons…
        now we are climbing out of that but Idzik hasn’t done as well with the draft as we hoped.
        The talent level is the lowest it has been since Rex came in.
        Remember when we were talking about the lack of mid level talent on this roster in 2012? It is JUST as bad now except we have less top end talent.
        Last years 8-8 was more a function of the schedule we got then anything…both Atlanta and NO were not very good nor was TB…three wins that masked the lack of talent.
        We have not had as easy a task this year.

  • McGeorge

    I think the Jets would be better off without Rex as a head coach.

    The drafts have been poor, and thats on the GM, and I have serious reservations about Idzik.
    Should Idzik be canned after this season? Give him 1 more years?

    His drafting has really hurt, as did Tannenbaums.

    • Yeah it has. His start is far worse than Tannenbaums and he inherited a better situation (minus the coach being forced on him). Peoples memory of Tannenbaum is the Gholston-Keller-Sanchez-Wilson drafts that killed the franchise. But he took over a disaster of a team in 2006 that had major cap problems (the cap in 2006 was much worse than what was here in 2013 by leaps and bounds, though in fairness part of that 06 problem is on Tannenbaum since he was the contract guy at the time) and a lack of talent.

      He built in a more fundamental way and made a jump into the playoffs in his first season. 2007 was a dud (more cap issues hindering the team and the Clemens experiment had most of the guys quit), but the draft produced two valuable picks. By 2008 they were ready to roll and Rex was the final piece to pull it together in 09/10. Had Mangini adjusted to that 2008 team and/or Favre not gotten injured the Jets probably would have had 4 playoff trips in a 5 year period, three of which would have been deep runs.

      • Gary Marrs

        I kind of agree with you, but Idzik totally botched this past draft. I keep going back to it and it just makes me think he really has no idea what he is doing. I’m not looking at with hindsight being 20/20. I loved Roby and Brown. I also liked Henderson as late 5th or 6th and now he’s the starting RT for the Bills. I could go on about the whole draft with a re-draft yet what good would it do now. I think Woody needs to hire a draft guru to show Idzik the ropes.

        • Jim

          Henderson? Seriously? He’s playing on the worst offensive line in the league according to PFF, got destroyed last week by Ninkovich, and is only starting because he’s beat out Buffalo’s 2nd Rd pick in the draft (Kouandjio). And he has all sorts of off-field problems that may come back to bite him at some point. Don’t mistake playing time quantity for player quality. Don’t get me wrong, for a 7th rd pick, if you make the team its a win, but its not like he’d be a contributor for almost any other team at this point.

          Preston Brown is only subbing in for Kiko Alonso on IR, and after a fast start, hasn’t done much the last two weeks.

          The jury is still out on the 2014 draft class. Stephen Hill looked like a great pick a couple of weeks into his rookie year.

          • Gary Marrs

            you still have to admit that Idzik still botched it.

  • TokyoLA

    Interesting situation on the Jets. Honestly I don’t even think Idzik would be on the hot seat if the team drafted a good QB. But 2013 is looking like one of the worst QB classes to have ever come out. It looks like only Glennon is serviceable, and that’s being generous at best.

    There’s only 3 types of Quarterback situations in the NFL; you either have one, don’t have one, or you THINK you have one. I think most Jets fans have moved on from Geno Smith….

  • Guest

    It’s too soon to say that Idzik is an incompetent drafter, since luck plays such a large role. If you change GMs in 2015 it’s because you’re changing your mind about strategy, and from an organizational standpoint there is value in stability. If you believed in his vision when you hired him, then you should give him the chance to see if his strategy works. Based on the moves he made, Idzik was not trying to be competitive for 2013 or 2014, and I have to assume that Woody Johnson signed off on that. If that’s the case, you don’t change course yet- because 2015 is the big year that you were maneuvering towards.

    Idzik will sign a few big names in 2015, probably including a journeyman QB, and hope that his 3 drafts + 2015 FAs will be enough to form the nucleus of a new team. I know you dislike lousy teams signing big name free agents, but going for lots of mid range guys will conflict with his his “build through the draft” strategy, so he won’t do that.

    If you get Rex a semi-competent journeyman QB and a solid CB or two in free agency- along with another wide receiver and probably an o-lineman or two, you can be a playoff team in 2015. The biggest problem with this team is that it’s crippled at QB and CB. I think that’s the problem, rather than Rex being unable to coach up younger players.

  • ThatNewYorkJetsBlog

    I think Johnson is afraid of letting a good HC go- regardless of whether he’s a good fit for the current team.

    It’s also pretty rare that a 2nd year GM gets fired- and considering that he drafted the defensive rookie of the year in 2013, he’ll probably get more leeway. Predicting draft success is a tricky thing, and a lot of it comes down to luck. We still don’t know how good the 2013 and 2014 draft classes are at this point.

    It’d be a mistake to take a new early round QB, I think at this point you need a journeyman veteran QB who can be competent and a good scheme fit for Marty’s WCO. Get Rex a couple of real cornerbacks in free agency, and another wideout.

    • McGeorge

      I’d be up for another 2nd round QB.
      Drafting has high variance, but so far they’ve done poorly.
      Poor player evaluation & development as well.

    • Jim

      Whole-heatedly agree with the 2nd paragraph, as I’ve been saying.

      Last paragraph… it depends. You can’t say “pick up a journey-man QB”, unless you identify one. I really have no interest in a Matt Moore/Mike Vick/Luke McCown and the like. There’s your crop of 2015 FA journeyman QB’s. No thanks… If Carson Palmer is available and not asking outrageous dollars, I would think about it, but I imagine his asking price is going to be north of $12m/year, which I would balk at.

      What I really like about the Eagles approach is, they’ve drafted a QB in the 2-4th rd every 2-3 years since 2007, even though they’ve had good QB play a lot of those years from McNabb and Vick. One pick (Kafka, ’10) has been a dud. One (Kolb, ’07) they’ve flipped into a good CB and future 2nd rd pick via Arizona. One (Barkley, ’13) may never get a real shot, because Foles (’12) looks like the guy.

      Just take the best player available Rd 1 (if it’s a QB fine), and come Rd 2/3/4 take a QB you like the most, every 2 years if you don’t have your guy already. Maybe every 3-4 years if you do have your guy (as the Patriots have done with O’Connell, Mallet, Garrapola). So my philosophy for the Jets would be to draft a guy this year in Rd 1-4, and you still have Geno for cheap dollars.

      I think it’s been pretty disastrous handing a rookie the starting QB job in a city like NY. Maybe its fine in smaller markets, but most rookies coming into the league don’t have Eli Manning mental toughness to handle the adversity and bounce back. Draft a QB in Rd 1-4, make him sit. That wasn’t the plan at all for Sanchez, perhaps it was the plan for Geno, until Sanchez got hurt in the preseason, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that in NY, you don’t start a rookie QB.

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  • Jim

    Seriously you can’t judge a GM after 2 full seasons, and Idzik isn’t even a year and a half in yet. If a team fired a GM after 2 seasons of losing, John Schnieder of Seattle would have been gone in 2011, Packers’ Ted Thompson fired in 2006, Howie Roseman of Philly had three straight declining seasons before last season.

    Its easy to say now, “oh they should have drafted Kyle Long instead of Dee Milliner and Keenan Allen over Brian Winters”, but the reality is, there are few draft classes I would trade the Jets 2013 class for, and it may get better depending on how Milliner bounces back, and what Aboushi shows us the rest of the season. We can talk about 2014 after we get a better feel on Pryor, Dozier, and see what McDougle and Evans look like next season after spending this season on IR.

    • Jon Marc

      Your an idiot if you honestly believe everything you just said!

    • McGeorge

      Idziks drafts have been quite bad, and his player signings (or non signing) for corner back have really backfired.
      How long does a GM get?

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  • mike jones

    I think the way the jets got here is mostly the drafting.

    The jets very rarely hit on any second round or later picks in what, almost 6 years?

    Kerley is a nice slot guy and good value for the 5th round, but his effectiveness really depends a lot on their being at least a real #1 he can work behind.

    There’s Vlad, who we can at least say was a halfway competent starter at guard for a while. Same with Slauson.

    Eric Smith (3rd round 2006) was decent safety for a few years?

    The last big name guy to come out of the second round or later was David Harris was a very good run stuffing linebacker in the second in 2007, but isn’t great in coverage and probably never deserved all that money considering the ever increasing role of the passing game.

    So there isn’t a ton of depth. Which made the lack of development of Sanchez, Gohlston, Coples, Wilson, and Milner so damaging. I don’t know if that’s on Rex, or they were just close to the peak of their playing ability coming out of college and a mistake by the GMs.

    I really don’t like the idea of signing a big name back up QB when you are in NY and you know your young QB will hear it big time if he messes up two weeks in a row and there is anyone but Curtis Painter waiting in the wings. It reminds me a bit of Tebow, and I wonder if it might not be the Owner inserting himself, because at the time of the signing it was hard to see the upside.

    There just isn’t much talent anymore, especially since the center and tackle are not longer top 5 at their positions as it appears at times.

    • DarrolRayFanClub

      Misguided. The draft is overrated. You need to hit on the QB. The Seahawks went 7-9 with Hasselbeck and looked for a new QB. They went 7-9 with 2nd round pick Jackson and looked for a new QB. Then they hit on Wilson and go 11-5.

      The next year they won the Super Bowl. Did they build depth in their draft? They had 11 picks in 2013. Five made the opening day roster. Only one started a single game (due to injury) last year. There was not a single impact player and just two depth players from the 11 picks Seattle made.

      I’m not piling on you, what I’m saying is directed at everyone who complains about the “12 picks” that Idzik whiffed on. The reality is that he whiffed on Geno, to this point. His drafts can’t be judged yet until these guys develop. There are a lot of late picks still on the practice squad and learning the speed of the game. A couple are injured that could wind up players. From rounds one and two, where you get your real impact guys, Amaro and Pryor are starters and we’ll see how they develop. Sheldon is a stud. Milliner is incomplete but even if he is a bust, I’ll take the first five 1st and 2nd round picks Idzik has made in his first two drafts — if Geno was playing well. He’s not. And that’s what this is about more than the late round draft picks that typically don’t amount to much for any team.

      Geno is a backup right now. Maybe one day he is that QB. Not now, not here. They need to move on, like Seattle did year after year, until they get the real QB. Then, poor drafts like Seattle had last year won’t matter in the end.

  • Ajit

    I’m not a Jets fan but I think the issues of the Jets have become magnified because of their qb situation. Look around the league and every other team with horrible qb play is not coincidentally also horrible. Maybe the offensive failures are a function of RR, but my sense is that he turns the entire offense over to the o coordinator and mans the defense. I really think, given the cap situation, RR was handed a suicide mission this year.

    • mike jones

      but, the browns. heck, look at the eagles.

      • Ajit

        Is hoyer on the same level as geno currently? The two qbs who were previously, weeden and manuel, are no longer the starting qbs precisely for those reasons. The jets were overall competitive in many of their games this year – the sd game aside. They just don’t have a better option on the bench than Geno.

        • mike jones

          No, you are correct in that no one is looking as bad as Geno this year. But Sanchez certainly looked every bit as bad and often worse than Geno.

          The level of quarterbacking has not changed much in 5 years. The defense and running game has changed significantly in that time, and not for the better.

          • Ajit

            I agree with you. But I blame that on the decline in talent resulting from tannebaum. He went all in, it failed – but honestly – Revis is the kind of player a GM should never allow to walk away

          • mike jones

            OK we agree then. the QB magnifies the badness of the rest of the team, and the rest of the team in turn magnifies the lack of talent of the QB I guess. ;

            /I still think Geno maybe salvageable though. Perhaps.

          • McGeorge

            I think thats unlikely, his upside is not that high. Now maybe with a #1 WR he looks better, but he’s not an acceptable QB

          • McGeorge

            Revis was playing games with the Jets. He would have walked the next year unless the Jets over paid him. As good as he is, even if the Jets had him, they would still be bad because of the QB (and other) problems.

          • Ajit

            That’s all true, but its hard enough landing talent in the draft – you really need to keep it when you find it. Revis wouldn’t have solved all of the jets problems, but he would have fixed one of them. Would he have been overpaid? I suppose, but who on the jets currently is worthy of being paid? MO and sheldon eventually.

          • McGeorge

            There was a lot of bad blood between Revis (& his agents) and the team, and maybe Woody Johnson (the owner) didn’t want Revis on the team. I think the Jets made out ok on the Revis trade –
            Tampa Bay gives up a draft pick (Sheldon Richardon) and rehabs Revis for 1 year (at 16MM) then he leaves.

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  • Paul Newbold

    Fire Idzik, its apparent after two years and 20 draft picks, that he has little eye for talent. Fire Rex as HC and offer him the DC job if he wants to stay a Jet as he proclaims. Woody need to hire some consultants in his search for a quality GM. I say this because he’s totally missed on his last two hires. John Idzik claimed last year that the Jets didn’t require a rebuild, after two drafts its evident the team will require a lengthy rebuild, they can’t fill the holes and replace an aging offensive line short term. I don’t think they can afford to stay with the same front office, and attempt a rebuild. Time to clean house from the top down, long suffering Jet fans don’t want to hear this, but its becoming more and more apparent with each week that passes. The Jet organization is in disarray, and fans deserve to have it fixed!!

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  • JoeDog

    Idjit strikes me as a small-market guy making small-market moves in a New York fish bowl. A team like Seattle might quibble over an additional $300K for DRC, but Trader Mike would have landed him in a New York minute. Instead, Idjit tried to build the corners on the cheap: he added the oft injured Patterson and supplemented him with a 3rd round pick who spent most of his senior year on the sidelines with an injury. On Thursday night, the Jets will go into New England with starting corners that couldn’t start on any other team. That’s not just poor management, that’s Kotitesque.

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