Pro Football Talk Reports 2013 Cap Adjustments

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has posted the cap adjustments for each team in the NFL. Just as an FYI these numbers are not cap room, but credits (or deductions) that teams will receive for cap dollars not used in 2012. What this means is when the NFL sets the cap limit in 2012, currently projected to be 121.1 million you either add or subtract your teams figure onto that number. For instance the Eagles, who have the highest cap carryover of $23 million will have an adjusted salary cap of 144.1 million while the Redskins, with a -13.8 adjustment (this was due to their severe uncapped year penalty), will only have a cap limit of $107.3 million, lowest in the NFL. The average adjustment is $5.87 million and the median adjustment is $3.6 million, a figure shared by the Cardinals and Panthers.

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