New York Jets Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2021 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the New York Jets. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Jamison CrowderCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$10,375,000$1,000,000
George FantPost June 1 Cut$8,850,000$1,000,000
George FantCut, Trade$7,850,000$2,000,000
Jamison CrowderExtension$7,208,000$0
Connor McGovernTrade$6,666,666$2,666,667
Alex LewisPost June 1 Cut$6,025,000$833,333
George FantExtension$6,008,000$0
Connor McGovernExtension$5,608,000$0
Alex LewisCut, Trade$5,191,667$1,666,666
Sam DarnoldTrade$4,774,685$5,019,581
C.J. MosleyExtension$3,940,000$0
Alex LewisExtension$3,848,000$0
George FantRestructure$3,755,000$0
C.J. MosleyRestructure$3,693,750$0
Greg Van RotenTrade$3,656,250$0
Connor McGovernRestructure$3,505,000$0
Greg Van RotenCut, Post June 1 Cut$3,406,250$250,000
Sam DarnoldExtension$3,083,748$0
Alex LewisRestructure$2,405,000$0
Ryan GriffinPost June 1 Cut$2,348,438$950,000
Ryan GriffinTrade$2,298,438$1,000,000
Folorunso FatukasiPost June 1 Cut, Trade$2,183,000$43,564
Christopher Herndon IVPost June 1 Cut, Trade$2,183,000$167,380
Folorunso FatukasiCut$2,183,000$43,564
Christopher Herndon IVCut$2,183,000$167,380
Ryan GriffinCut$1,848,438$1,450,000
Greg Van RotenExtension$1,808,000$0
C.J. MosleyTrade$1,500,000$6,000,000
Greg Van RotenRestructure$1,130,000$0
Conor McDermottTrade$1,100,000$125,000
Ryan GriffinExtension$1,060,000$0
Folorunso FatukasiExtension$1,010,400$0
Christopher Herndon IVExtension$1,010,400$0
Tanzel SmartCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$990,000$0
Thomas HennessyPost June 1 Cut$990,000$125,000
Josh DoctsonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$985,000$0
Conor McDermottCut, Post June 1 Cut$950,000$275,000
Nathan ShepherdCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$934,000$225,139
Josh MaloneCut, Trade$920,000$0
Sharif FinchCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$0
John Franklin-MyersCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$0
Mike WhiteCut$850,000$0
Ty JohnsonPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Noah DawkinsTrade$850,000$0
Kyle PhillipsCut, Trade$850,000$1,668
J.T. HassellTrade$850,000$0
Chuma EdogaPost June 1 Cut$850,000$216,750
J.T. HassellCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Sam FickenCut$850,000$0
Noah DawkinsCut$850,000$0
Sam FickenTrade$850,000$0
Blessuan AustinPost June 1 Cut$850,000$40,743
Mike WhiteTrade$850,000$0
Kyron BrownCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$0
Trevon WescoPost June 1 Cut$850,000$176,643
Ty JohnsonTrade$850,000$0
Noah DawkinsPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Kyle PhillipsPost June 1 Cut$850,000$1,668
Jimmy MurrayCut$850,000$0
Corey BallentineCut$850,000$0
Chase McLaughlinCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Ty JohnsonCut$850,000$0
Jimmy MurrayTrade$850,000$0
Chase McLaughlinTrade$850,000$0
Corey BallentinePost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Leo KoloamatangiCut$850,000$0
Braxton BerriosTrade$850,000$0
Blake CashmanPost June 1 Cut$850,000$76,063
Braxton BerriosCut$850,000$0
Leo KoloamatangiPost June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$0
Jimmy MurrayPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Braxton BerriosPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Corey BallentineTrade$850,000$0
Ashtyn DavisPost June 1 Cut$833,518$284,070
Jabari ZunigaPost June 1 Cut$824,836$249,342
Blessuan AustinCut, Trade$809,257$81,486
Lamar JacksonCut$780,000$0
Javelin GuidryPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Lawrence CagerTrade$780,000$0
Lamar JacksonPost June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Jaleel ScottCut$780,000$0
Elijah CampbellTrade$780,000$0
Bryce HuffPost June 1 Cut$780,000$5,000
Javelin GuidryCut$780,000$0
Saquan HamptonCut, Post June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Lawrence CagerPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Elijah CampbellCut$780,000$0
Jaleel ScottTrade$780,000$0
Elijah CampbellPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Saquan HamptonTrade$780,000$0
Javelin GuidryTrade$780,000$0
James MorganPost June 1 Cut$780,000$178,816
Bryce HallPost June 1 Cut$780,000$78,950
Cameron ClarkPost June 1 Cut$780,000$172,748
Braden MannPost June 1 Cut$780,000$44,275
Lawrence CagerCut$780,000$0
La'Mical PerinePost June 1 Cut$780,000$186,336
Bryce HuffCut, Trade$775,000$10,000
Blake CashmanCut, Trade$773,937$152,126
Thomas HennessyCut, Trade$740,000$375,000
Braden MannCut, Trade$691,450$132,825
Trevon WescoCut, Trade$673,357$353,286
Ryan GriffinRestructure$662,500$0
John DakaCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
D.J. MontgomeryCut$660,000$0
Pete GuerrieroCut$660,000$0
D.J. MontgomeryPost June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Zane LewisCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Pete GuerrieroPost June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Connor DavisCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Manasseh BaileyCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Chuma EdogaCut, Trade$633,250$433,500
Bryce HallCut, Trade$622,100$236,850
Cameron ClarkCut, Trade$434,504$518,244
James MorganCut, Trade$422,368$536,448
La'Mical PerineCut, Trade$407,328$559,008
Jabari ZunigaCut, Trade$326,152$748,026
Ashtyn DavisCut, Trade$265,378$852,210
Sam DarnoldCut, Post June 1 Cut$170,000$9,624,266
Denzel MimsTrade$101,096$1,133,835
Conor McDermottExtension$88,000$0
Josh MaloneExtension$56,000$0
Sharif FinchExtension$56,000$0
Josh DoctsonExtension$52,000$0
Nathan ShepherdExtension$11,200$0
Braxton BerriosRestructure$0$0
Kyle PhillipsExtension, Restructure$0$0
Kyron BrownRestructure$0$0
Folorunso FatukasiRestructure$0$0
Kyron BrownExtension$0$0
John Franklin-MyersExtension$0$0
Tanzel SmartRestructure$0$0
Jamison CrowderRestructure$0$0
Connor McGovernPost June 1 Cut$0$9,333,333
Sam DarnoldRestructure$0$0
Denzel MimsPost June 1 Cut$0$1,234,931
Conor McDermottRestructure$0$0
John Franklin-MyersRestructure$0$0
Thomas HennessyExtension$0$0
Nathan ShepherdRestructure$0$0
Thomas HennessyRestructure$0$0
Tanzel SmartExtension$0$0
Chase McLaughlinExtension, Restructure$0$0
Sharif FinchRestructure$0$0
Christopher Herndon IVRestructure$0$0
Jimmy MurrayRestructure$0$0
Josh DoctsonRestructure$0$0
Jimmy MurrayExtension$0$0
Jaleel ScottExtension($56,000)$0
Braxton BerriosExtension($56,000)$0
Denzel MimsCut($755,890)$1,990,821
Connor McGovernCut($1,333,334)$10,666,667
Quinnen WilliamsTrade($1,792,215)$10,838,862
Mekhi BectonTrade($4,039,195)$8,231,478
Quinnen WilliamsPost June 1 Cut($4,755,824)$13,802,471
Mekhi BectonPost June 1 Cut($5,412,285)$9,604,568
C.J. MosleyPost June 1 Cut($8,000,000)$15,500,000
Quinnen WilliamsCut($10,175,255)$19,221,902
Mekhi BectonCut($10,899,937)$15,092,220
C.J. MosleyCut($12,500,000)$20,000,000