New York Jets Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2022 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the New York Jets. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Carl LawsonTrade$14,666,667$666,666
C.J. MosleyTrade$13,000,000$4,500,000
Corey DavisTrade$12,333,332$1,333,334
C.J. MosleyExtension$11,904,000$0
Carl LawsonExtension$11,172,000$0
John Franklin-MyersTrade$10,870,588$1,600,000
George FantCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$10,102,941$1,000,000
C.J. MosleyRestructure$9,920,000$0
Corey DavisExtension$9,572,000$0
Connor McGovernCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$9,000,000$1,333,334
John Franklin-MyersExtension$8,452,000$0
John Franklin-MyersRestructure$7,923,750$0
Carl LawsonRestructure$6,982,500$0
George FantExtension$6,972,000$0
Connor McGovernExtension$6,372,000$0
Corey DavisRestructure$5,982,500$0
Sheldon RankinsCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$5,441,176$750,000
Quinnen WilliamsTrade$5,130,824$5,419,431
Greg Van RotenCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$3,500,000$0
Quinnen WilliamsExtension$3,332,659$0
Ryan GriffinCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$3,008,706$186,118
Sheldon RankinsExtension$2,772,000$0
Justin HardeeCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,035,294$0
Greg Van RotenExtension$1,504,000$0
Ryan GriffinExtension$1,213,177$0
Denzel MimsPost June 1 Cut$1,103,972$377,945
Ashtyn DavisPost June 1 Cut$1,057,036$284,070
Thomas HennessyPost June 1 Cut$1,035,000$125,000
Kai NacuaTrade$965,000$0
Blake CashmanPost June 1 Cut, Trade$965,000$76,063
Ty JohnsonCut$965,000$0
Trevon WescoCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$965,000$176,643
Ty JohnsonPost June 1 Cut$965,000$0
Kai NacuaCut, Post June 1 Cut$965,000$0
Ty JohnsonTrade$965,000$0
Chuma EdogaCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$965,000$216,750
Quincy WilliamsCut, Post June 1 Cut$965,000$0
Blake CashmanCut$965,000$76,063
Quincy WilliamsTrade$965,000$0
Thomas HennessyCut, Trade$910,000$250,000
Javin WhiteCut, Post June 1 Cut$895,000$0
Del'Shawn PhillipsPost June 1 Cut$895,000$0
La'Mical PerinePost June 1 Cut$895,000$186,336
Jabari ZunigaTrade$895,000$0
Austin WalterTrade$895,000$0
Del'Shawn PhillipsTrade$895,000$0
Austin WalterCut, Post June 1 Cut$895,000$0
Bryce HallPost June 1 Cut$895,000$78,950
Jabari ZunigaCut, Post June 1 Cut$895,000$0
Braden MannPost June 1 Cut$895,000$44,275
Cameron ClarkPost June 1 Cut$895,000$172,748
Javin WhiteTrade$895,000$0
Bryce HuffCut$895,000$5,000
Del'Shawn PhillipsCut$895,000$0
Bryce HuffPost June 1 Cut, Trade$895,000$5,000
Braden MannCut, Trade$850,725$88,550
Isaiah DunnPost June 1 Cut$825,000$8,333
Rachad WildgoosePost June 1 Cut$825,000$0
Hamsah NasirildeenPost June 1 Cut$825,000$51,962
Jason PinnockPost June 1 Cut$825,000$67,612
Jonathan MarshallPost June 1 Cut$825,000$42,225
Michael Carter IIPost June 1 Cut$825,000$82,232
Jamien SherwoodPost June 1 Cut$825,000$88,714
Rachad WildgooseCut$825,000$0
Brandin EcholsPost June 1 Cut$825,000$43,548
Parker FergusonPost June 1 Cut$825,000$6,000
Rachad WildgooseTrade$825,000$0
Kenny YeboahCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$825,000$0
Michael CarterPost June 1 Cut$825,000$201,840
Parker FergusonCut, Trade$819,000$12,000
Isaiah DunnCut, Trade$816,666$16,667
Bryce HallCut, Trade$816,050$157,900
Ashtyn DavisCut, Trade$772,966$568,140
Jonathan MarshallCut, Trade$740,550$126,675
Brandin EcholsCut, Trade$737,904$130,644
Denzel MimsCut, Trade$726,027$755,890
Cameron ClarkCut, Trade$722,252$345,496
Hamsah NasirildeenCut, Trade$721,076$155,886
La'Mical PerineCut, Trade$708,664$372,672
Zane LewisCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$705,000$0
Jason PinnockCut, Trade$689,776$202,836
Michael Carter IICut, Trade$660,536$246,696
Jamien SherwoodCut, Trade$647,572$266,142
Justin HardeeExtension$612,000$0
Michael CarterCut, Trade$421,320$605,520
Justin HardeeRestructure$382,500$0
Quinnen WilliamsCut, Post June 1 Cut$200,000$10,350,255
Del'Shawn PhillipsRestructure$0$0
Trevon WescoExtension$0$0
Austin WalterExtension, Restructure$0$0
Trevon WescoRestructure$0$0
Bryce HuffExtension, Restructure$0$0
Blake CashmanExtension, Restructure$0$0
Ty JohnsonRestructure$0$0
Del'Shawn PhillipsExtension$0$0
Ty JohnsonExtension$0$0
Javin WhiteExtension$0$0
Greg Van RotenRestructure$0$0
Carl LawsonPost June 1 Cut$0$15,333,333
Corey DavisPost June 1 Cut$0$13,666,666
George FantRestructure$0$0
Connor McGovernRestructure$0$0
Quinnen WilliamsRestructure$0$0
Sheldon RankinsRestructure$0$0
Laurent Duvernay-TardifCut, Post June 1 Cut$0$0
Javin WhiteRestructure$0$0
Joe FlaccoCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$0$0
Laurent Duvernay-TardifTrade$0$0
Ryan GriffinRestructure$0$0
Thomas HennessyExtension$0$0
Quincy WilliamsRestructure$0$0
Kai NacuaExtension, Restructure$0$0
Quincy WilliamsExtension$0$0
Chuma EdogaRestructure$0$0
C.J. MosleyPost June 1 Cut$0$17,500,000
Chuma EdogaExtension$0$0
Thomas HennessyRestructure$0$0
John Franklin-MyersPost June 1 Cut($29,412)$12,500,000
Carl LawsonCut($333,333)$15,666,666
Mekhi BectonTrade($456,912)$5,487,652
Laurent Duvernay-TardifRestructure($560,000)$0
Corey DavisCut($666,668)$14,333,334
Joe FlaccoRestructure($840,000)$0
Elijah MooreTrade($864,679)$2,896,593
Laurent Duvernay-TardifExtension($896,000)$0
Joe FlaccoExtension($896,000)$0
John Franklin-MyersCut($1,229,412)$13,700,000
Elijah MoorePost June 1 Cut($1,472,766)$3,504,680
C.J. MosleyCut($3,000,000)$20,500,000
Alijah Vera-TuckerTrade($3,074,329)$6,684,564
Mekhi BectonPost June 1 Cut($3,125,371)$8,156,111
Elijah MooreCut($3,403,828)$5,435,742
Alijah Vera-TuckerPost June 1 Cut($4,930,235)$8,540,470
Mekhi BectonCut($5,869,197)$10,899,937
Zach WilsonTrade($9,204,308)$17,193,099
Zach WilsonPost June 1 Cut($9,308,790)$17,297,581
Alijah Vera-TuckerCut($9,386,611)$12,996,846
Zach WilsonCut($20,770,856)$28,759,647