New England Patriots Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2021 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the New England Patriots. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Dont'a HightowerCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$9,945,313$2,500,000
Devin McCourtyPost June 1 Cut$9,000,000$2,150,000
Stephon GilmoreCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$7,343,750$8,920,834
Marcus CannonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$7,056,250$2,566,668
Dont'a HightowerExtension$6,440,000$0
Devin McCourtyExtension$5,540,000$0
Jonathan JonesPost June 1 Cut$5,400,000$2,018,750
Shaquille MasonPost June 1 Cut$5,219,500$4,368,000
Devin McCourtyRestructure$5,193,750$0
Stephon GilmoreExtension$4,740,000$0
Shaquille MasonExtension$4,008,000$0
Shaquille MasonTrade$3,662,500$5,925,000
Marcus CannonExtension$3,660,000$0
Adrian PhillipsTrade$3,500,000$750,000
Julian EdelmanCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$3,437,500$2,666,668
Jonathan JonesCut, Trade$3,381,250$4,037,500
Shaquille MasonRestructure$3,340,000$0
Adrian PhillipsCut, Post June 1 Cut$3,000,000$1,250,000
Jonathan JonesExtension$2,888,000$0
Matt SlaterCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,650,000$375,000
Devin McCourtyCut, Trade$2,550,000$8,600,000
Marcus CannonRestructure$2,287,500$0
Beau AllenTrade$2,200,000$850,000
Shaquille MasonCut$2,069,500$7,518,000
Isaiah WynnTrade$2,040,261$1,600,347
Beau AllenCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,950,000$1,100,000
Patrick ChungPost June 1 Cut$1,850,000$3,283,333
Jonathan JonesRestructure$1,805,000$0
Sony MichelTrade$1,792,731$1,270,308
Julian EdelmanExtension$1,620,000$0
Adrian PhillipsExtension$1,608,000$0
Brandon BoldenCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,487,500$500,000
Matt LaCosseCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,300,000$150,000
Sony MichelCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,236,984$1,826,055
Dan VitaleCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,187,500$100,000
Akeem SpenceCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,168,750$62,500
Brandon KingCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,100,000$266,668
Joejuan WilliamsPost June 1 Cut$1,097,424$709,846
Joe CardonaPost June 1 Cut$1,050,000$130,000
Tashawn BowerCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,030,000$30,000
Matt SlaterExtension$1,020,000$0
Dee VirginCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$935,000$5,000
Devin SmithCut$920,000$0
Joe CardonaCut$920,000$260,000
Ja'Whaun BentleyPost June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$75,988
Korey CunninghamCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$0
Devin SmithTrade$920,000$0
Ja'Whaun BentleyCut$920,000$75,988
Joe CardonaTrade$920,000$260,000
Beau AllenExtension$900,000$0
Isaiah WynnExtension$896,209$0
Marcus MartinCut, Trade$883,824$15,000
Ryan IzzoCut$850,000$17,268
Jake BaileyPost June 1 Cut$850,000$72,520
Chase WinovichPost June 1 Cut$850,000$249,328
Marqise LeeTrade$850,000$137,500
Byron CowartPost June 1 Cut$850,000$75,149
Damien HarrisPost June 1 Cut$850,000$221,534
Jarrett StidhamPost June 1 Cut$850,000$159,028
Ryan IzzoPost June 1 Cut$850,000$17,268
Jakobi MeyersTrade$850,000$3,334
Gunner OlszewskiPost June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$834
Ryan IzzoTrade$850,000$17,268
Gunner OlszewskiCut$850,000$834
Jakobi MeyersCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$3,334
Anfernee JenningsPost June 1 Cut$818,949$225,795
Devin AsiasiPost June 1 Cut$818,310$223,240
Dalton KeenePost June 1 Cut$814,519$208,073
Michael Jackson Sr.Cut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$795,000$5,000
J.J. TaylorCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Isaiah ZuberTrade$780,000$0
Roberto AguayoCut, Trade$780,000$0
Jacob DolegalaCut, Trade$780,000$0
Isaiah ZuberCut$780,000$0
Nick ThurmanCut, Trade$780,000$0
Michael OnwenuPost June 1 Cut$780,000$50,617
Justin HerronPost June 1 Cut$780,000$43,117
Myles BryantCut$780,000$0
Najee ToranTrade$780,000$0
Myles BryantPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Rashod BerryCut$780,000$0
Najee ToranCut, Post June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Terez HallCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Rashod BerryTrade$780,000$0
Myles BryantTrade$780,000$0
Rashod BerryPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Cassh MaluiaCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Jake BaileyCut, Trade$777,480$145,040
Byron CowartCut, Trade$774,851$150,298
Yodny CajustePost June 1 Cut$720,000$205,545
Sony MichelExtension$698,185$0
Justin HerronCut, Trade$693,766$129,351
Jarrett StidhamCut, Trade$690,972$318,056
Marqise LeeCut, Post June 1 Cut$687,500$300,000
Michael OnwenuCut, Trade$678,766$151,851
Bill MurrayTrade$660,000$0
Ross ReynoldsCut, Trade$660,000$0
Justin RohrwasserCut, Trade$660,000$0
Michael BarnettPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Michael PinckneyTrade$660,000$0
Michael BarnettCut$660,000$0
Michael PinckneyCut, Post June 1 Cut$660,000$0
D'Angelo RossCut, Trade$660,000$0
Kristian WilkersonCut, Trade$660,000$0
Michael BarnettTrade$660,000$0
Bill MurrayCut$660,000$0
Damien HarrisCut, Trade$628,466$443,068
Chase WinovichCut, Trade$600,672$498,656
Yodny CajusteCut, Trade$514,455$411,090
Dalton KeeneCut, Trade$398,373$624,219
Joejuan WilliamsCut, Trade$387,578$1,419,692
Devin AsiasiCut, Trade$371,830$669,720
Anfernee JenningsCut, Trade$367,359$677,385
Brandon BoldenExtension$180,000$0
Josh UcheTrade$115,212$1,109,637
Isaiah WynnCut, Post June 1 Cut$102,013$3,538,595
Patrick ChungExtension$100,000$0
Patrick ChungRestructure$93,750$0
Brandon KingExtension$88,000$0
N'Keal HarryTrade$71,969$2,682,126
Tashawn BowerExtension$40,000$0
Marcus MartinExtension$20,000$0
Dee VirginExtension$12,000$0
Matt LaCosseExtension$8,000$0
Dan VitaleExtension$8,000$0
Ryan IzzoRestructure$0$0
Dee VirginRestructure$0$0
Brandon KingRestructure$0$0
Gunner OlszewskiExtension, Restructure$0$0
Brandon BoldenRestructure$0$0
Jakobi MeyersExtension$0$0
Julian EdelmanRestructure$0$0
Jakobi MeyersRestructure$0$0
Stephon GilmoreRestructure$0$0
Korey CunninghamExtension, Restructure$0$0
Josh UchePost June 1 Cut$0$1,224,849
Matt LaCosseRestructure$0$0
Dont'a HightowerRestructure$0$0
Marqise LeeRestructure$0$0
Adrian PhillipsRestructure$0$0
Dan VitaleRestructure$0$0
Joe CardonaRestructure$0$0
Matt SlaterRestructure$0$0
Michael Jackson Sr.Restructure$0$0
Marqise LeeExtension$0$0
Isaiah WynnRestructure$0$0
Akeem SpenceExtension, Restructure$0$0
Sony MichelRestructure$0$0
Beau AllenRestructure$0$0
Ja'Whaun BentleyExtension, Restructure$0$0
Tashawn BowerRestructure$0$0
Joe CardonaExtension$0$0
Michael Jackson Sr.Extension($44,000)$0
Ryan IzzoExtension($56,000)$0
Devin SmithExtension($56,000)$0
Kyle DuggerPost June 1 Cut($341,862)$2,235,476
N'Keal HarryPost June 1 Cut($673,937)$3,428,032
Josh UcheCut($739,758)$1,964,607
Kyle DuggerTrade($821,059)$2,714,673
Patrick ChungCut, Trade($983,334)$6,116,667
N'Keal HarryCut($2,015,000)$4,769,095
Kyle DuggerCut($2,151,644)$4,045,258