Minnesota Vikings Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2021 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the Minnesota Vikings. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Kirk CousinsExtension$15,940,000$0
Anthony BarrPost June 1 Cut$12,462,500$2,600,000
Danielle HunterPost June 1 Cut$12,250,000$5,000,000
Riley ReiffCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$11,750,000$3,200,000
Adam ThielenPost June 1 Cut$11,668,750$1,800,000
Kirk CousinsTrade$11,000,000$20,000,000
Harrison SmithCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$10,250,000$0
Kirk CousinsRestructure$9,962,500$0
Anthony BarrExtension$9,060,000$0
Danielle HunterExtension$9,008,000$0
Riley ReiffExtension$8,540,000$0
Eric KendricksPost June 1 Cut$8,437,500$4,030,000
Adam ThielenExtension$8,100,000$0
Adam ThielenCut, Trade$8,068,750$5,400,000
Kyle RudolphPost June 1 Cut$7,937,500$1,450,000
Adam ThielenRestructure$7,593,750$0
Anthony BarrRestructure$7,550,000$0
Danielle HunterRestructure$7,506,667$0
Anthony BarrCut, Trade$7,262,500$7,800,000
Harrison SmithExtension$7,100,000$0
Eric KendricksExtension$5,808,000$0
Kyle RudolphExtension$5,340,000$0
Danielle HunterCut, Trade$5,250,000$12,000,000
Kyle RudolphCut, Trade$5,037,500$4,350,000
Eric KendricksRestructure$4,840,000$0
Kyle RudolphRestructure$4,450,000$0
Shamar StephenCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$3,750,000$1,333,334
Dan BaileyPost June 1 Cut$2,750,000$1,050,000
Britton ColquittPost June 1 Cut$2,500,000$716,666
Eric KendricksCut, Trade$2,477,500$9,990,000
Brian O'NeillCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,433,000$321,207
C.J. HamPost June 1 Cut$2,250,000$750,000
Shamar StephenExtension$2,140,000$0
Dalvin CookPost June 1 Cut$2,037,500$3,101,272
Mike HughesTrade$1,825,566$1,314,088
Britton ColquittCut, Trade$1,783,332$1,433,334
Dan BaileyCut, Trade$1,700,000$2,100,000
Michael PierceExtension$1,608,000$0
Dan BaileyExtension$1,340,000$0
Michael PierceRestructure$1,340,000$0
Brian O'NeillExtension$1,210,400$0
Mike HughesCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,177,490$1,962,164
Britton ColquittExtension$1,140,000$0
Irv Smith Jr.Post June 1 Cut$1,022,134$559,260
C.J. HamExtension$1,008,000$0
Andrew DePaolaCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$990,000$0
Tyler ConklinTrade$920,000$70,258
Jalyn HolmesCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$182,849
Cordrea TankersleyCut$920,000$0
Tyler ConklinCut, Post June 1 Cut$920,000$70,258
Cordrea TankersleyTrade$920,000$0
Alexander MattisonPost June 1 Cut$850,002$205,543
Tae HayesPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Olabisi JohnsonPost June 1 Cut$850,000$18,644
Hale HentgesCut, Trade$850,000$0
Hercules Mata'afaCut$850,000$0
Tae HayesTrade$850,000$0
Ryan ConnellyCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Hale HentgesPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Kris BoydPost June 1 Cut$850,000$27,419
Ryan ConnellyTrade$850,000$0
Hercules Mata'afaPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Dru SamiaPost June 1 Cut$850,000$184,985
Olisaemeka UdohPost June 1 Cut$850,000$41,900
Armon WattsPost June 1 Cut$850,000$42,274
Tae HayesCut$850,000$0
Hercules Mata'afaTrade$850,000$0
C.J. HamRestructure$840,000$0
Dan BaileyRestructure$837,500$0
Olabisi JohnsonCut, Trade$831,356$37,288
Kris BoydCut, Trade$822,581$54,838
Cameron DantzlerPost June 1 Cut$818,438$223,750
Olisaemeka UdohCut, Trade$808,100$83,800
Armon WattsCut, Trade$807,726$84,548
Blake LynchCut$780,000$0
Jordan BrailfordPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Brandon DillonPost June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Josh MetellusCut, Post June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Cameron SmithCut, Post June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Josh MetellusTrade$780,000$0
Jordan BrailfordCut, Trade$780,000$0
Dan ChisenaPost June 1 Cut$780,000$3,333
Dylan MabinCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Blake LynchPost June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Zack BaileyCut, Trade$780,000$0
Greg JosephCut, Trade$780,000$0
Brandon DillonCut$780,000$0
Cameron SmithTrade$780,000$0
Troy DyePost June 1 Cut$780,000$169,643
James LynchPost June 1 Cut$780,000$172,748
K.J. OsbornPost June 1 Cut$780,000$66,943
D.J. WonnumPost June 1 Cut$780,000$187,695
Harrison HandPost June 1 Cut$780,000$74,696
Dan ChisenaCut, Trade$776,666$6,667
C.J. HamCut, Trade$750,000$2,250,000
Mike HughesExtension$724,453$0
Britton ColquittRestructure$712,500$0
Dru SamiaCut, Trade$665,015$369,970
Jake BrowningPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Myles DornPost June 1 Cut$660,000$5,000
Nate StanleyTrade$660,000$0
Jake BrowningCut, Trade$660,000$0
Luther KirkCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Blake BrandelCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Nate StanleyCut$660,000$0
Jake BargasCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Kyle HintonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Kenny WillekesPost June 1 Cut$660,000$24,919
Nate StanleyPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Myles DornCut, Trade$655,000$10,000
K.J. OsbornCut, Trade$646,114$200,829
Alexander MattisonCut, Trade$644,459$411,086
Harrison HandCut, Trade$630,608$224,088
Kenny WillekesCut, Trade$610,162$74,757
Dalvin CookExtension, Restructure$488,000$0
Irv Smith Jr.Cut, Trade$462,874$1,118,520
Troy DyeCut, Trade$440,714$508,929
James LynchCut, Trade$434,504$518,244
D.J. WonnumCut, Trade$404,610$563,085
Cameron DantzlerCut, Trade$370,938$671,250
Ezra ClevelandTrade$68,160$1,190,298
Tyler ConklinRestructure$0$0
Shamar StephenRestructure$0$0
Riley ReiffRestructure$0$0
Jordan BrailfordRestructure$0$0
Michael PiercePost June 1 Cut$0$5,000,000
Harrison SmithRestructure$0$0
Hale HentgesRestructure$0$0
Tyler ConklinExtension$0$0
Mike HughesRestructure$0$0
Cordrea TankersleyExtension$0$0
Kirk CousinsPost June 1 Cut$0$31,000,000
Brian O'NeillRestructure$0$0
Jalyn HolmesExtension, Restructure$0$0
Hercules Mata'afaRestructure$0$0
Andrew DePaolaExtension, Restructure$0$0
Ezra ClevelandPost June 1 Cut$0$1,258,458
Hale HentgesExtension$0$0
Jordan BrailfordExtension($56,000)$0
Hercules Mata'afaExtension($56,000)$0
Greg JosephExtension($56,000)$0
Garrett BradburyTrade($181,170)$3,694,680
Ezra ClevelandCut($793,532)$2,051,990
Michael PierceTrade($1,000,000)$6,000,000
Jeff GladneyTrade($1,667,146)$4,165,107
Garrett BradburyPost June 1 Cut($2,251,755)$5,765,265
Justin JeffersonTrade($2,345,439)$5,327,895
Jeff GladneyPost June 1 Cut($3,085,327)$5,583,288
Michael PierceCut($4,000,000)$9,000,000
Garrett BradburyCut($4,099,095)$7,612,605
Justin JeffersonPost June 1 Cut($4,202,455)$7,184,911
Jeff GladneyCut($5,862,065)$8,360,026
Dalvin CookCut, Trade($7,266,317)$12,405,089
Justin JeffersonCut($7,754,385)$10,736,841
Kirk CousinsCut($10,000,000)$41,000,000