Jacksonville Jaguars Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2021 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Andrew NorwellPost June 1 Cut$12,000,000$3,000,000
Myles JackPost June 1 Cut$9,750,000$2,400,000
Andrew NorwellCut, Trade$9,000,000$6,000,000
Andrew NorwellExtension$8,740,000$0
Brandon LinderCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$8,562,500$0
Myles JackExtension$7,008,000$0
Myles JackRestructure$5,840,000$0
Brandon LinderExtension$5,540,000$0
Andrew NorwellRestructure$5,462,500$0
Joe SchobertExtension$4,968,000$0
A.J. CannCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$4,959,375$1,333,334
Myles JackCut, Trade$4,950,000$7,200,000
Joe SchobertRestructure$4,657,500$0
Josh LamboPost June 1 Cut$3,500,000$875,000
Brandon LinderRestructure$3,462,500$0
A.J. CannExtension$2,988,000$0
Josh LamboCut, Trade$2,625,000$1,750,000
Jarrod WilsonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,250,000$583,334
D.J. CharkCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,183,000$328,587
Josh LamboExtension$2,008,000$0
Al WoodsTrade$1,937,500$500,000
Taven BryanTrade$1,864,767$1,366,355
Al WoodsCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,437,500$1,000,000
Rashaan MelvinTrade$1,403,125$325,000
Josh LamboRestructure$1,255,000$0
Taven BryanCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,159,882$2,071,240
Rashaan MelvinCut, Post June 1 Cut$1,103,125$625,000
D.J. CharkExtension$1,010,400$0
Jarrod WilsonExtension$1,008,000$0
Doug MiddletonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$990,000$0
Will RichardsonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$150,698
Leon JacobsTrade$920,000$22,670
Logan CookeCut$920,000$17,906
Leon JacobsCut, Post June 1 Cut$920,000$22,670
Logan CookePost June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$17,906
Josh OliverPost June 1 Cut$881,440$277,881
Andrew WingardCut, Trade$850,000$1,668
Craig ReynoldsTrade$850,000$0
Quincy WilliamsPost June 1 Cut$850,000$205,545
Brandon RusnakTrade$850,000$0
Gabe WrightTrade$850,000$0
Brandon RusnakCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Devine OzigboTrade$850,000$0
Gardner MinshewPost June 1 Cut$850,000$47,904
Devine OzigboCut$850,000$0
Quenton MeeksCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Devine OzigboPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Ryquell ArmsteadPost June 1 Cut$850,000$86,769
Craig ReynoldsCut$850,000$0
Quenton MeeksTrade$850,000$0
Joe Giles-HarrisCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$0
Daniel EkualeCut, Post June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Andrew WingardPost June 1 Cut$850,000$1,668
Daniel EkualeTrade$850,000$0
Craig ReynoldsPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Gabe WrightCut$850,000$0
Lerentee McCrayCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$137,500
Davon HamiltonPost June 1 Cut$829,115$266,459
Gardner MinshewCut, Trade$802,096$95,808
Ben BartchPost June 1 Cut$780,000$190,903
Nate MeadorsCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Tre'Vour Wallace-SimmsCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Garrett McGhinCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Chapelle RussellCut$780,000$0
Terry GodwinTrade$780,000$0
Doug CostinPost June 1 Cut$780,000$2,500
James RobinsonPost June 1 Cut$780,000$1,666
Chapelle RussellTrade$780,000$0
Terry GodwinCut, Post June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Dontavius RussellPost June 1 Cut$780,000$20,876
Ross MatiscikPost June 1 Cut$780,000$333
Nathan CottrellCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Ben EllefsonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Chris ClaybrooksPost June 1 Cut$780,000$25,597
Luq BarcooPost June 1 Cut$780,000$6,666
K.C. McDermottCut$780,000$0
Jake LutonPost June 1 Cut$780,000$45,439
Josiah ScottPost June 1 Cut$780,000$160,984
Daniel ThomasPost June 1 Cut$780,000$79,279
Collin JohnsonPost June 1 Cut$780,000$76,788
Shaquille QuartermanPost June 1 Cut$780,000$123,600
K.C. McDermottPost June 1 Cut$780,000$0
Tyler DavisPost June 1 Cut$780,000$39,887
K.C. McDermottTrade$780,000$0
Ross MatiscikCut, Trade$779,666$667
James RobinsonCut, Trade$778,332$3,334
Doug CostinCut, Trade$777,500$5,000
Luq BarcooCut, Trade$773,332$13,334
Ryquell ArmsteadCut, Trade$763,231$173,538
Dontavius RussellCut, Trade$759,124$41,752
Taven BryanExtension$755,814$0
Chris ClaybrooksCut, Trade$728,806$76,791
Tyler DavisCut, Trade$700,226$119,661
Jake LutonCut, Trade$689,122$136,317
Nate EvansPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Austen PleasantsCut, Post June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Nate EvansTrade$660,000$0
Josh NurseCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Cameron NizialekPost June 1 Cut, Trade$660,000$0
Nate EvansCut$660,000$0
Cameron NizialekCut$660,000$0
Austen PleasantsTrade$660,000$0
Aaron PatrickCut, Post June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Josh HammondTrade$660,000$0
Aaron PatrickTrade$660,000$0
Josh HammondCut, Post June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Quincy WilliamsCut, Trade$644,455$411,090
Collin JohnsonCut, Trade$626,424$230,364
Daniel ThomasCut, Trade$621,442$237,837
Josh OliverCut, Trade$603,559$555,762
Jawaan TaylorPost June 1 Cut$556,288$1,582,827
Shaquille QuartermanCut, Trade$532,800$370,800
Joe SchobertPost June 1 Cut$500,000$9,400,000
Josiah ScottCut, Trade$458,032$482,952
Ben BartchCut, Trade$398,194$572,709
Al WoodsExtension$340,000$0
Joe SchobertTrade$300,000$9,600,000
Davon HamiltonCut, Trade$296,197$799,377
Jawaan TaylorTrade$276,961$1,862,154
Logan CookeExtension$0$0
Taven BryanRestructure$0$0
Leon JacobsExtension, Restructure$0$0
A.J. CannRestructure$0$0
Logan CookeRestructure$0$0
Andrew WingardExtension, Restructure$0$0
Devine OzigboExtension, Restructure$0$0
Brandon RusnakRestructure$0$0
Al WoodsRestructure$0$0
Joe Giles-HarrisRestructure$0$0
Brandon RusnakExtension$0$0
Rashaan MelvinRestructure$0$0
Lerentee McCrayRestructure$0$0
Doug MiddletonExtension, Restructure$0$0
D.J. CharkRestructure$0$0
Gabe WrightExtension$0$0
Will RichardsonRestructure$0$0
K.C. McDermottRestructure$0$0
Rashaan MelvinExtension$0$0
Will RichardsonExtension$0$0
Joe Giles-HarrisExtension$0$0
Laviska ShenaultPost June 1 Cut$0$1,749,106
Daniel EkualeExtension, Restructure$0$0
Jarrod WilsonRestructure$0$0
K.C. McDermottExtension($56,000)$0
Lerentee McCrayExtension($68,000)$0
Jawaan TaylorCut($374,789)$2,513,904
Laviska ShenaultTrade($618,749)$2,367,855
Josh AllenTrade($1,077,513)$7,280,050
Laviska ShenaultCut($1,578,570)$3,327,676
K'Lavon ChaissonTrade($2,416,013)$5,448,879
Josh AllenPost June 1 Cut($3,596,268)$9,798,805
K'Lavon ChaissonPost June 1 Cut($4,252,865)$7,285,731
C.J. HendersonTrade($4,697,878)$9,360,648
C.J. HendersonPost June 1 Cut($5,882,770)$10,545,540
Joe SchobertCut($6,700,000)$16,600,000
Josh AllenCut($7,236,293)$13,438,830
K'Lavon ChaissonCut($7,885,451)$10,918,317
C.J. HendersonCut($12,123,202)$16,785,972