Buffalo Bills Potential Transactions By Team

This table lists the total 2021 cap savings or cost that can be had by executing any eligible transaction on all players on the Buffalo Bills. Restructure and extension figures represent the maximum number of cap dollars that can be saved executing those transactions.

PlayerTransaction TypeCap SavingsDead Money
Stefon DiggsPost June 1 Cut$13,008,333$450,000
Stefon DiggsCut, Trade$12,108,333$1,350,000
Stefon DiggsExtension$9,454,666$0
Mario AddisonPost June 1 Cut$8,190,625$2,000,000
John BrownCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$7,931,250$1,600,000
Stefon DiggsRestructure$7,878,889$0
Tre'Davious WhiteExtension, Restructure$7,808,000$0
Mitch MorsePost June 1 Cut$7,593,750$2,750,000
Jerry HughesCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$7,350,000$2,100,000
Jordan PoyerPost June 1 Cut$6,875,000$1,000,000
Vernon ButlerCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$6,818,750$1,000,000
Quinton JeffersonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$6,500,000$0
Mario AddisonCut, Trade$6,190,625$4,000,000
Jordan PoyerCut, Trade$5,875,000$2,000,000
Cole BeasleyPost June 1 Cut$5,868,750$1,500,000
A.J. KleinTrade$5,600,000$800,000
Mario AddisonExtension$5,280,000$0
John BrownExtension$5,260,000$0
Dion DawkinsExtension$5,248,000$0
Micah HydeCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$5,118,750$1,600,000
Jerry HughesExtension$5,020,000$0
Dion DawkinsRestructure$4,920,000$0
Mitch MorseExtension$4,908,000$0
Mitch MorseCut, Trade$4,843,750$5,500,000
Vernon ButlerExtension$4,488,000$0
Cole BeasleyCut, Trade$4,368,750$3,000,000
Jordan PoyerExtension$4,320,000$0
Quinton JeffersonExtension$3,808,000$0
A.J. KleinExtension$3,780,000$0
Josh AllenTrade$3,538,595$3,371,461
Cole BeasleyExtension$3,460,000$0
Tyler MatakevichCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$3,350,000$350,000
Mario AddisonRestructure$3,300,000$0
Mitch MorseRestructure$3,067,500$0
Star LotuleleiExtension$2,940,000$0
Micah HydeExtension$2,860,000$0
A.J. KleinPost June 1 Cut$2,800,000$3,600,000
Jordan PoyerRestructure$2,700,000$0
Star LotuleleiRestructure$2,450,000$0
A.J. KleinCut$2,400,000$4,000,000
A.J. KleinRestructure$2,362,500$0
Lee SmithCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,250,000$0
Tremaine EdmundsTrade$2,206,302$1,821,735
Taron JohnsonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$2,183,000$161,517
Cole BeasleyRestructure$2,162,500$0
Josh AllenExtension$2,094,876$0
Tyler MatakevichExtension$1,688,000$0
Cody FordPost June 1 Cut$1,177,498$869,994
Tremaine EdmundsExtension$1,029,042$0
Reid FergusonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$1,015,000$125,000
Taron JohnsonExtension$1,010,400$0
Harrison PhillipsCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$950,000$193,760
Lee SmithExtension$940,000$0
Bryan Cox Jr.Cut, Trade$920,000$0
Jake KumerowTrade$920,000$0
Justin ZimmerPost June 1 Cut$920,000$0
Siran NealCut$920,000$71,505
Jake KumerowCut$920,000$0
Siran NealPost June 1 Cut, Trade$920,000$71,505
Justin ZimmerCut, Trade$920,000$0
Dawson KnoxPost June 1 Cut$880,000$205,545
Devin SingletaryPost June 1 Cut$850,000$258,956
Jordan DeveyCut$850,000$10,000
Davis WebbCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$850,000$0
Jordan DeveyTrade$850,000$10,000
Darryl Johnson Jr.Post June 1 Cut$850,000$24,616
Ryan BatesCut$850,000$0
Tommy SweeneyPost June 1 Cut$850,000$24,138
Ryan BatesPost June 1 Cut$850,000$0
Jaquan JohnsonPost June 1 Cut$850,000$46,085
Ryan BatesTrade$850,000$0
Tommy SweeneyCut, Trade$825,862$48,276
Darryl Johnson Jr.Cut, Trade$825,384$49,232
Zack MossPost June 1 Cut$819,651$228,605
Dane JacksonCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$815,000$0
Jaquan JohnsonCut, Trade$803,915$92,170
Tyrel DodsonPost June 1 Cut$780,000$2,000
Tyler BassPost June 1 Cut$780,000$46,056
Mike LoveCut$780,000$0
Jake FrommPost June 1 Cut$780,000$75,740
Duke WilliamsCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Brandin BryantCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Mike LovePost June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Tanner GentryCut, Post June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Tyrel DodsonTrade$780,000$2,000
Gabriel DavisPost June 1 Cut$780,000$174,843
Cameron LewisCut$780,000$0
Reggie GilliamPost June 1 Cut$780,000$6,666
Cameron LewisPost June 1 Cut, Trade$780,000$0
Tyrel DodsonCut$780,000$2,000
Reggie GilliamCut, Trade$773,332$13,334
Tyler BassCut, Trade$687,888$138,168
Dawson KnoxCut, Trade$674,455$411,090
Christian WadeTrade$660,000$0
Antonio WilliamsTrade$660,000$0
Josh ThomasCut, Post June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Christian WadePost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Josh ThomasTrade$660,000$0
Antonio WilliamsCut$660,000$0
Christian WadeCut$660,000$0
Nate BeckerTrade$660,000$0
Antonio WilliamsPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Nate BeckerPost June 1 Cut$660,000$0
Trey AdamsPost June 1 Cut$660,000$3,750
Isaiah HodginsPost June 1 Cut$660,000$39,722
Nate BeckerCut$660,000$0
Trey AdamsCut, Trade$656,250$7,500
Jake FrommCut, Trade$628,520$227,220
Devin SingletaryCut, Trade$591,044$517,912
Isaiah HodginsCut, Trade$580,556$119,166
Dion DawkinsPost June 1 Cut$500,000$10,895,000
Star LotuleleiPost June 1 Cut$500,000$7,100,000
Gabriel DavisCut, Trade$430,314$524,529
Zack MossCut, Trade$362,441$685,815
Cody FordCut, Trade$307,504$1,739,988
Tre'Davious WhitePost June 1 Cut$300,000$14,050,000
Josh AllenCut, Post June 1 Cut$170,000$6,740,056
Harrison PhillipsExtension$24,000$0
Reid FergusonExtension$20,000$0
Taron JohnsonRestructure$0$0
Siran NealExtension, Restructure$0$0
Josh AllenRestructure$0$0
Micah HydeRestructure$0$0
Quinton JeffersonRestructure$0$0
Vernon ButlerRestructure$0$0
John BrownRestructure$0$0
Jerry HughesRestructure$0$0
Ryan BatesExtension, Restructure$0$0
Tyler MatakevichRestructure$0$0
Tremaine EdmundsCut, Post June 1 Cut$0$4,028,037
Harrison PhillipsRestructure$0$0
Davis WebbRestructure$0$0
Reid FergusonRestructure$0$0
Jake KumerowExtension$0$0
Bryan Cox Jr.Extension$0$0
Davis WebbExtension$0$0
Lee SmithRestructure$0$0
A.J. EpenesaPost June 1 Cut$0$1,335,751
Tremaine EdmundsRestructure$0$0
Jordan DeveyExtension($36,000)$0
A.J. EpenesaTrade($40,052)$1,375,803
Star LotuleleiTrade($200,000)$7,800,000
Ed OliverTrade($798,651)$6,164,602
A.J. EpenesaCut($917,202)$2,252,953
Tre'Davious WhiteTrade($1,550,000)$15,900,000
Dion DawkinsTrade($2,985,000)$14,380,000
Ed OliverPost June 1 Cut($3,177,975)$8,543,926
Star LotuleleiCut($4,700,000)$12,300,000
Ed OliverCut($6,260,276)$11,626,227
Dion DawkinsCut($10,285,000)$21,680,000
Tre'Davious WhiteCut($12,000,000)$26,350,000