Positional Values in the NFL

Sorry for the lack of blog updates but maintaining our contract database has certainly taken up alot of time. Hopefully I can get back to doing some team overviews in the near future as well as some other value articles. In the meantime I thought that this piece I had written over on my other site, www.nyjetscap.com,  would be something that the audience of the site would be interested in.

While the article in part deals with the contract demands of CB Darrelle Revis it covers positional spending in  the league and the concept of “breaking the system” in which I look at the few players in the league who have been able to sell themselves as something completely unique compared to the rest of the players at their position. I dont think I can get the table formatting to show up properly here so if you would like to read about it just click on the link below.

LINK: Positional Values in the NFL