Poll: You Make the Call on the Jets Coach and GM in 2015


I asked this on Twitter today and got a number of responses so I thought it was worth adding as a poll to make it easier to collect responses.

I closed the poll after getting a reasonable number of replies on it and I’ll go over the responses now:

1. Retain Rex Ryan and John Idzik (4.2%)– This ended up as the least popular option indicating that the fanbase is pretty fed up with this tandem and does not believe they can operate together. Even knowing tht it was playoffs or bust with this scenario most just figured its best to move on.

2. Retain John Idzik and Hire a New Coach (12.3%)– Clearly there was not much support for letting Idzik continue as GM. As I have speculated before he is getting the lions share of the blame for the mess the Jets are in and people dont want to risk more with him. Knowing that this option may only have a one year shelf life probably doesnt help.

3. Retain Rex Ryan and Hire a “Rex Guy” as GM (31.5%)– I should not have been surprised with this one but part of me was suprised that Rex got this much support. There are really a large number of fans that love Rex and look at him as part of the solution. Nearly 37% wanted Rex back next year compared to just 16.5% for Idzik.

4. Clean House and Start Over (52%)– This was the majority opinion that the Jets need to get rid of everyone and start over next year with a new team calling all the shots. Id think this is the leading option for Woody Johnson as well but it was not exactly an overwhelming opinion to get rid of both guys.

Feel free to add any thoughts in the comments.