• mike jones

    Love the podcast.
    Are we sure the Nick Folk signing wasn’t in fact a bad deal instead of a great deal for the jets?

    I understand Folk is reliable, but he is getting paid 3 million APY. PFF had him rated as the 13th best kicker, and the league average APY for kickers (after deleting 2014 free agents from your top contract list that have not resigned) is $1,718,628.

    Is Folk so reliable that he is worth 76% more than the average kicker? I get the point that the jets ended up guaranteeing in this deal less than what they had guaranteed on the franchise tag, but wasn’t the franchise tag itself just plain dumb?

    You often give the Dolphins former GM the business, rightly, for franchising players they then go on to sign to long term deals. Isn’t this similar? They had plenty of time to contract with Folk – all offseason. It’s not like this is a new regime that had to evaluate the entire roster and thought the kicker was such a low priority they were going to franchise him to hold him so they could figure it out after more pressing issues were dealt with. I’m of the personal opinion that the best way to handle kickers is to grab one of the best in college football in the 6th round and then pay him 1/3 of the average APY for 4 years for top 15 production. rinse and repeat every 4 years.

    • The two are different. As a one year payment for Folk yeah its crazy to pay him what they are. I have no idea what made them think that this was a good idea. But as a long term deal its a fine contract because they didnt give up anything. He basically will get paid what he did on the tag and then the next year his salary drops to a non-guaranteed $2.65 million. That number is less than the cost of franchising Folk for a second time (though again thats crazy to do) and if Folk goes back to normal hes cut with no dead money, to the best of my understanding of the deal. Really it made no sense for him to sign unless he just wants to be able to say he has a $3 million deal similar to Revis needing that $16 million a year deal. So in terms of tagging him Id say it was a bad idea but the contract itself isnt bad.

      Miami’s situation was a bit different. The drop in salary between the tag year and the contract year was gigantic. Soliai I think earned $11+ on the tag. He ended up signing the following year for $5.5 million or so. There was no major injury or anything to diminish his earning potential. He just was never a franchise player or anything close. Starks played last year at $8.45 and now hes in the $5.5 range. Its a big drop. Now if the Jets end up cutting Folk next year and then re-signing him at $1-$1.5 million then he probably fills the same role, though I tend to think if Folk had hit the open market he would have gotten in the $2-$3 range since the kicker salaries all seem to be $3M plus now. Those two Dolphins never would have fetched anywhere near their tags.