• Anthony

    Jason, I love your site and I appreciate your invaluable contributions to the football community. Coming from NYJetscap.com, to overthecap.com has been a fantastic transition and I love how well you have managed to incorporate so many features and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

    My only criticism comes in your outlook over your own NY Jets. Before the season started, you said they were an awful team that should be expected to win between 4-6 games, they won 8. I think in the 16 games you picked them to lose at least 12 times. Before the browns game you picked them to lose to a bad browns team, and AFTER the game called it a meaningless win.

    You feel that the turnover on the roster is a bad thing because of the number of young players that will be brought in, but the fact is, we had 7 new starters on Defense this past year, another 5 on offense (6 if you want to count the benching of ducasse for winters).

    Rex is nothing if not a fantastic teacher of young players, even if you eventually transition to a new coach, they will have a tremendous education in football this next year.

    I think we are in the right direction, and you may choose to disagree, but it feels like you are not willing to be open to the possibility that Rex-Idzik might actually turn this ship around.

    • Thanks for keeping up with all the stuff I do!. Im not as high on the Jets as most would be. Teams that usually play like the Jets dont win 8 game or even come close. The Jets played like a 4 win team most of the year and got wiped out too often, the second year in a row thats happened.

      As for the Browns game, it is a meaningless win in the grand scheme of Rex Ryan staying or going. My point with that was that if the Jets lost the game I would not have used it as reason for Ryan to go and the fact that they won it should not be the reason Ryan should stay. The Jets have a number of meaningful games this season (Buffalo and Miami 1 being the big 2) and got blown out. I cant see how someone could ignore that and then make a Browns game, even if you thought they would lose it, as a referendum on the career if Rex.

      I would have moved on from Rex simply because of the offense. If this was 10 years ago Rex could win in the NFL running the style they run. Right now I just dont think they can. I hope Im wrong but I just cant see them improving that much on offense which is what the team needs. I really hate the idea of playing 2014 and looking the same as 2013 but finishing with 5 or 6 wins and then Rex getting fired and starting over in 2015. Thats just the waste of a season. Hopefully Idzik builds a tam designed for Rex next year which I think means more investment in the line and runners as well as an elite level pass rusher.