Podcast: Super Bowl Thoughts, Seahawks, Chiefs, RFAs, and More


If you still want more podcasting this week we have our regular OTC podcast for you to check out. We go over some thoughts on the Super Bowl, the Seahawks model, why the Chiefs are in really bad salary cap shape, potential restricted free agents, the Jaguars plans, the Falcons, and positions due for an increase and decrease in salary. Feel free to submit questions for next weeks show.

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  • Frank Fowler

    You mentioned the lack of penalty for teams not using 89% of the cap in the new CBA.Does anyone know how that money is divided among the players on the team if the team does not use that 89%?

    • GeorgeOfClarence

      CBA says: “Directly to the players who were on such a Team’s roster at any time
      during the applicable seasons, pursuant to the reasonable allocation
      instructions of the NFLPA.”