Podcast: Redskins and Bears QBs, Rookie Options, Q&A, and NFL Predictions


In this weeks podcast I talked about the Josh McCown an Jay Cutler debates, the terrible job Mike Shanahan has done in Washington as well as RGIII’s part in it, Q&A about Rob Gronkowski, the Jets draft, and Antrel Rolle, plus picks for Week 15

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  • McGeorge

    What I’d like to see discussed is the Jets future.
    I think Tannenbaum destroyed the team with terrible drafting and player signing.
    Idzik did even worse in his first year.
    The Jets are in awful shape and I can’t imagine them being better than 6-10 next year.

    Outside of the D line, who do the Jets have other teams would want?
    Coples – I guess.
    Kerley – I guess.
    Mangold and Ferguson at their salaries?

    Maybe some others as fillers.

    Teh Jets talent evaluation has been poor under Tannenbaum, I hope Idzik is doing something about that.

  • Ghoston

    Idzik did fine his first yr

    Tell us how he could do better. We couldn’t sign any free agents so tell us what you would have done and you will be ridiculed off this site. There was nothing he could do.