Podcast: Playoffs, QB Extension Thoughts, Rex Ryan and More…


In this weeks podcast I give some thoughts on the playoffs, thoughts on why teams should look for short  term extensions on their young QBs, opinions on Rex Ryan’s contract plus salary escalators and how that has impacted teams so far

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  • Frank Fowler

    Love the site and these podcasts,nothing like it on net.
    I have been following all of your Offseason Salary Cap and Financial Reports,I appreciate all the time put into these.
    I wished all the “TV” NFL insiders went into the same amount depth as these.Looking forward to the Packers and Bills Offseason Salary Cap and Financial Reports.
    Being a Raiders fan this time of the year is the best time for a Raiders fan cause of HOPE of what a future season might bring.

  • Ox

    getting worried on the reports, it’s been a bit….

    • Ox

      Soundgarden was great