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    Idzik needed to articulate what he did wrong, why he make those choices, what he learned, and what he will do differently going forward. Give people a reason to believe that he is the one who can turn things around. A roadmap.

    If you get a reasonably competent QB (ideally, trading for Jay Cutler) and 2 starting quality CBs through free agency (just proven starters), the team could rebound in a big way, and you’d still get to develop the young players. What Idzik does not seem to understand is that you still need starter talent as starting, even when you’re building through the draft. You can’t just assume you’ll find multiple late-round starters- that’s not what the Seahawks did either.

    Bottom line, regarding Idzik’s press conference: he needed to admit his specific errors in free agency (not just say “I have ultimate responsibility as the GM”), especially with CBs. He also needed to conclusively say that Geno Smith is disappointing and doesn’t look like the QB of the future, that as of now, he foresees looking for a QB in the draft, a trade, or free agency. He also needed to show what he learned from his mistakes. And when they asked if Rex could be fired mid-season, the owner already said no, so it was ridiculous for Idzik to stonewall that easy question. It’s clear that he was very nervous.

    If he’s afraid of the media, he still needed to have been getting his message out there weeks ago. Although this is a weak solution, he could have at least been doing weekly “interviews” with Eric Allen where he’d get to put substantive points out there in a completely controlled, supportive context. The media would be annoyed at the lack of access, but if you laid out a strategy the narrative would have been about the strategy, not “What the heck is this clueless guy doing!?”