Podcast: NFL Trade Deadline, Revis, Rookie Options, and Predictions for Week 8


In this week’s podcast we cover some of the items from the site including:

Rookie Option year costs

Trade deadlines moves with a focus on Hakeem Nicks

The contract of Darrelle Revis that could be no more after the season

Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman

The Cowboys salary cap

NFL Predictions for the week

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  • Ox

    There are great, but any chance to get these a little earlier in the week? By the time i get a chance to get to listen Week 8 is done

    • Glad you enjoy them. Ill see what I can fit into my schedule as you are not the first to mention it.

  • RavensIllusion

    Is there an RSS feed on this?

  • NYG Cap Central

    Good stuff Jason. The palindrome nonsense by the Rams is utterly ridiculous. The fact that they’re so close to the cap (the bottom 2 or 3 of the league) makes it even more so.