Podcast: NFL Previews, Contract Restructures, and More


After a pretty long hiatus we have brought back the podcast with some thoughts on the NFL season and contract restructures. We should be back to doing weekly shows from here on out…



  • Ghoston

    Jason, I am not sure but it is not working on my tablet and had an older broadcast for the week after Memorial Day. It might be my platform. But I am sure others are having the problem. Thanks.

    • Hmm. Its working on my computer. Let me re-clear the cache and see if that makes a difference on your end….

    • Wintermute

      You have information to share that is found nowhere else on the internet. And while having the background music is charming and further differentiates you, it gets in the way. Your microphone and voice are not powerful enough to keep the music in the background. Further compounding the problem is that you play acoustic / live tracks that themselves are polluted by a crowd. So your voice is competing against music that itself is competing against crowd noise. It’s just… well it’s an unforced error.

  • Ghoston

    Works now