Podcast: NFL Championship Weekend, Rex to the Bills, Free Agency Approaches…


In this weeks podcast:

– I give my thoughts on last weeks games including what could be the final game ever for Peyton Manning

-Look at the return of the unmuzzled Rex Ryan and his new job in Buffalo

– Talk about the Jets new hires

– Give some added thoughts and clarifications on my Raiders ideas from last week

– Look at the pricing points of a few free agent players

– Plus more Q&A and quick thoughts on this weekends slate of games

I had some issues recording so hopefully it plays back ok…

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  • buk

    Maclin has had 1 healthy season in the last 4yrs. Major knee surgery and don’t forget that unknown illness they could not diagnose before that.. Neither Cobb or Maclin should get more than the Jackson/Decker contracts which are 7.5 to 8 mil. As you said Cobb played his career with Rodgers and always had Jones, Nelson, etc around him. He’s Harvin without the headache with less contribution on special teams as they get older. Hard to believe the Jets could have gone after Maclin, Jackson or traded a late rd pick for Sproles last year instead of a mid season trade for overpriced Harvin. If Miami parts ways with Wallace the Jets should consider signing him over keeping Harvin. Wallace won’t lead team in receptions (one trick) but he would open things up for Decker and running game because you must keep a safety deep. If not Wallace i’d still prefer T.Smith over Maclin imo.
    It appears Rex is putting together a solid coaching staff in Buffalo. Roman the OC and former OC of the Bears under Trestman the OL-coach. My guess is we’ll see old vets Harris, Pace,Colon and possibly Landry land with Rex. In limited roles they could bolster the Bills suspect run defense. The Bills are just eerily similar to the 2009 Jet team Rex took over especially if Sanchez winds up there. Whaley is the Bills GM who can read the tea leaves unlike Idzik. Meaning he knew imminent ownership change meant his job was in jeopardy unless team had winning record hence the move for Watkins. Both Whaley and Rex will go all out to reach the playoffs in year 1. They are definitely on the same win now page and the Jets don’t match up well at all against that defense. It’s going to be a war in the AFC East the next few years.
    Not sure you’re thoughts on Spiller. Oft injured RB seems like a good fit at 3.5mil per in Dallas should Demarco leave. Have him share duties with another back behind that offensive line. I don’t like Spiller to the Jets or the Bills. With Ivory how many carries is he going to get especially when the team falls behind. Also like the Bills the Jets O-Line is too inconsistent to get him to outside or second level where he is really dangerous. I was in favor of bringing Cro back last year on 1yr deal at 29yr olds. Cro will want a multi year deal and his body type at 30yr+ alongside Milliner makes me very nervous.

  • buk

    Patriots file tampering charges against the Jets for Woody comments about Revis. Not sure if NFL will come down more harshly on Jets because Woody made similar comments about Jackson when he was under contract last year.. Woody called Kraft personally to apologize. All I can say is this better not result in swapping or loss of draft picks and Woody better pull his head out of his rear end. He let Revis go to Patriots on 1yr deal without making a call and now he comments when Revis is signed to Patriots and we/Jets get hit with tampering charges???
    Patriots can’t stop laughing at Jet fans as they are on the cusp of the 7th Superbowl appearance in the last year 30yrs. Woody better wake and realize it’s move and counter moves and it’s about time he realize every off season effort should be made towards beating the Patriots. Patriots don’t file this weeks later unless they are annoyed that Revis’s agent might be lukewarm to any serious negotiating until Revis is cut and officially a free agent. Jets could and should be in play for his services(along with Colts) if nothing else than to drive up price Patriots will have to pay for Revis. With Bills not a joke in our division we’ve got to pay more attention to what goes on in our division. That means Revis doesn’t sign a 1yr deal with Pats with no call from Jets and Edelman can’t dangle out in FA(2yrs straight) with no interest from Jets only to resign with Pats only to lead them in receptions. Can anyone argue Edelman is a much better player than Kerley who should be getting ready to hit FA if not for Idzik.

  • buk

    Boy after suffering through that Colt/Pats game my guess Suh will be the Colts top free agent target because they need some toughness on that D-interior. Time to pay Luck what he deserves and move on from Wayne,Bradshaw,Richardson,Nicks and Mathis. If they want a championship with vets they at least need to be able to contribute if they play or have a chance at playing an entire season. Colts have a lot of flexibility with their cap if they decide to move on from some players. I’d move from Wayne and Nicks to target Torrey Smith if he becomes a free agent. TY Hilton is okay but as much as Luck likes to throw ball down the field Hilton,Smith and Moncrief is an interesting trio to think about. Revis would be a nice fit there opposite V. Davis imo. With Mathis signed for another year those two corners should allow Colts to blitz more and man to man on the outside. They must make changes because as they are now they are not built to win.