Podcast: Loads of Seahawks Talk, Patriots Contracts, and Free Agency Terms

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

-Some brief thoughts on the Super Bowl

– Looking at upcoming free agent decisions for the Seahawks

– Using the calculator to see how the Seahawks keep things together with extensions for Wilson and Lynch

– Thoughts on Suh in Seattle

– A look at the Patriots salary cap and decisions on Revis and McCourty and possible free agents

– How to value contract incentives and use them in a contract

– A quick overview of the void years of the old CBA

– Playoff teams set to fall out of the playoffs in 2015

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  • Frank

    Another good listen.Some people might not like the fact this podcast revolved around mostly talking about the Seahawks, but as a Raider fan I personally like to hear other team situations and issues looking into the future.I hardly have the time to follow all the Raiders issues and future outlooks so to hear how other teams are faring is nice.

    I do have a question about the site and maybe two suggestions.
    In the future do you plan to put in coaches contracts on the site?I’m not sure if these are made public or if you simple do not wish to put on the site.Considering the coaches don’t effect the salary cap maybe if branches out a little too far.

    After hearing this podcast and you having manually to type in the numbers in extending or adding in a pending free agent in the site’s calculator, maybe add an option to have some preset figures for your selections?For example if you add Dez Bryant to your teams roster instead of typing in all years maybe add a few example contracts like “Highest paid at position”, “Top ten paid at position”, “League average”, “League Minimum”, etc… When I pull up the calculator and add players or extend I tend to take a long time due to not knowing exactly if I am overpaying, so I have a few other tabs opening looking at other players contracts to compare.It would save a little time and help novice armchair GM’s like me a better idea of how the future cap years would look if player “X” was the highest paid at his position.

    Anyhow great site and great work so far.I have been following the site for a few years now and it has grown and expanded to the best salary cap site by far now on the net.