• buk

    The problem I have with the Kerley deal is he has not been consistently productive as a “Jet” with two QBs and 3 different offensive coordinators. Edelman is a better player whose productive on the team he’s on and as a punt returner. Edelman was a free agent 2 yrs straight and Idzik showed no interest yet we still don’t have a punt returner we can trust. You said it yourself that Kerley was a fair catch machine and that would be an upgrade vs what we have seen this year.
    As for Sanders the issue is not Sanders vs Kerley but why not Sanders over Harvin? 7 mil to Harvin for 9 games when we could have had Sanders all season for 5 plus mil. Jason i’d be more than happy to have Decker,Amaro,Sanders and Kerley instead of a 10 mil per year headache like Harvin right now. As Jet fans we can’t just ignore the fact Edelman, Sanders and Golden Tate were all free agents that were signed for 6 mil or less per year by teams with 20 mil QBs. All 3 are having productive seasons. Nelson cut after game 7, Saunders a 4th rd pick cut by game 4, Hill a 2nd RD pick cut in preseason, Holmes cut in offseason and all we do is sign Decker and draft some receivers in the later rds.
    Lastly if you sign another free agent receiver in addition to Decker you could have played hardball with Kerley by allowing him to test free agency next year. Patriost let Edelman dangle twice in free agency before resigning him and he was Brady’s top target. Seahawks let Tate go coming off a Superbowl and Broncos didn’t pursue Decker. I have no doubt the timing of Kerley and Harvin signing was reactionary by Idzik to the win loss record.

    • I think the Harvin one was more reactionary. I mean if the Jets let Kerley walk for nothing after sitting on all that cap and cash space what were you saving for if you were not keeping even decent homegrown talent.

      I dont disagree with anything you said though. Jets played their hand one way in March, July, and August and quickly changed after a really bad start. Whether thats an admission of failure by Idzik or Woody getting involved I dont know. All I know is that the Jets would not be where they are now if they were a little more active in the offseason.

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  • buk

    QB disaster aside, the secondary play on the Jets is the worst I’ve ever witnessed and that is not hyperbole. 1 interception in 8 games and consistently beat for huge plays every single week. They are simply overmatched and quite frankly they would not be a many teams roster in any capacity.
    I don’t know if Adams was hurt but at this point i’m ready to see Kyle Wilson lined up outside. He’s at bet an average player but but has far more experience playing CB than Walls and Allen. How this team was put together is unforgivable, the idea that with 12 draft picks and millions in cap room Idzik cannot put 11 STARTER caliber players on defense at one time is a travesty.