Podcast: Jets Lose Again Plus Reviewing Last Weeks NFL Games


In todays podcast I give more thoughts on the Jets and the rift between Rex Ryan and John Idzik plus going around the NFL nd the results of week 13.

  • McGeorge

    The Tennessee game is crucial for the Jets to lose, in order to get a good draft pick.
    They should start Matt Simms at QB, and Kyle Wilson as CB.
    Plus they should rest Wilkerson and Richardson, in order to avoid injury and see what the other players can do.

    In all seriousness – How much of a premium will the Jets have to offer a new GM to come to the Jets?
    1 – terrible team
    2 – unfavorable media climate
    3 – lots of attention

  • buk

    Finally an argument for Idzik to be fired along with Ryan by asking the obvious question which is what other coach Idzik could have hired would have won with this roster? Idzik is damaged goods at this point and every agent out there knows it. Would a top coaching candidate and staff want to be hired by a GM who has fly bys demanding he be fired or want Idzik picking players for him after what he did to Ryan?
    One of the takeaways this season is the positive contribution so many of the WR draft class have made in their first year. Matthews,John Brown, Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, Beckham, Jarvis Landry( Kerley clone?),Brandon Cook,the Panther 1st rd pick, etc etc. It’s just incredible that in 2yrs Idzik has not managed to produce a single WR draft pick that can contribute on an active roster where we had names like Holmes,Gates,Graham,Salas,Nelson,Hill who were starting key games for us. I’m glad Jason mentioned what I’ve been screaming for weeks which is we have nearly 20 million a year tied in 3 WR who don’t pose match up problems for opposing secondaries as deep threats or in the red zone. At 10 mil per year Harvin is a weapon but is NOT an elite gamechanger WR which is what you’d expect at that kind of salary.
    I had to chuckle listening to Jets blogcast a few weeks ago when the host said this year’s team had better talent than the 6 win team in Tannebaum’s last year. We started that year with a HOF player in Revis, Cromartie, Holmes, Laron Landry and Sanchez. You are not a better team with Laron’s older brother, Gino(is he even a backup?) for Sanchez, Milliner and undrafted free agents as corners, plus Decker and Richardson then say you are a better team. It really is unforgivable because as Jason stated there was no reason to enter this season in this state with such lack of depth even with a bad draft. I’m sorry but there is nothing Idzik has said or done publicly to garner ANY trust from this Jet fan.

  • TokyoLA

    I know that sound of resignation and defeat when talking about your favorite team very well Jason. Don’t feel too down, I’m a Raider fan and have been used to this for 12 straight years now. Hell I remember when the Raiders and Jets were good and had some very memorable games when Gruden was our coach. Good luck in the draft. Maybe we can swing a deal with each other so you get Mariota with the #1 pick….