Podcast: Harris Extension, Salary Cap News, WR Values, and NFL Picks


In this weeks OTC podcast I give my thoughts on

– The Chris Harris extension and the cornerback market

– The impact of the rising NFL salary cap

– Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck becoming extension eligible in three weeks

– Julio Jones and where he stands with the other standout receivers

– John Idziks trust issues with the Jets

– All the NFL games in week 15

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  • buk

    Totally agree that execs like Idzik and the Raiders GM were unprepared by the aggressive spending their rivals were able to do in free agency due to the increase in the cap. In Idzik’s case he clearly was not prepared for the aggressiveness of the other GMs(Giants w/DRC) as the free agent market got away from him.
    Sadly though last year’s free agents appear to have had more notable names(Revis,Talib,Jackson,etc) than the expected free agents this offseason. More than ever teams like the Raiders,Jets, etc will be inclined to overpay especially if their respective GMs survive another year.
    With Harris signing and Broncos having to pay DT, it looks like they may not aggressively try to resign Julius Thomas even with Welker likely gone.
    Lastly I know it’s not a huge contract but after another no catch day with 2-point conversion drop and inconsistent special teams play I still can’t understand the mid season extension for Kerley. In 4yrs I can’t remember too many plays where Kerley made enough of a positive contribution in games that resulted in victories. Being the Jets leading receiver in past years where Keller, Holmes or other receivers were scrubs or injured is not impressive.