• scottmaui

    Jason, regarding Anthony Spencer, you say:

    “By the time they do extend him, because they’re probably going to do it next year, they’re going to have wasted all this salary cap money, all this cash on two years of franchise tags, probably finish 8-8 in both years, and he’s going to be 30 years old, and you’re going to get stuck with him now unti or he’s 34, 35.”

    With the team reportedly not expecting to get an extension done before the deadline next week, that means they can’t extend him during the season, and they can’t use the franchise tag on him again after this second one, so he’ll automatically be an unrestricted free agent next year. So the only way he’s back in 2014 is if he tests the market and decides he wants to come back to Dallas at a rate more in line with what they’re willing to pay. But that will be a brand new contract, not an extension. And in the meantime, it appears that they are hoping for Tyrone Crawford to emerge and replace Spencer next year, and 2014 is expected to be a strong class for 4-3 DEs as well. So regardless of what you think about franchising him two years in a row, your comments about extending now him don’t really make any sense imo.

    • Hi Scott.

      Well technically they can tag him again. The cost is just so high (its equal to the tag of the QB position) that they wouldnt do it. My guess is the Cowboys won’t let him test the market next season. Once the regular season ends they can begin negotiations with him on a long term deal, so they do not need to wait until free agency. I think around the NFL its accepted that Dallas is one of the most generous teams in terms of money and leaving Dallas to explore options is not really worth the time unless you are sure another team is really hot for you.

      • scottmaui

        Still, your assessment of the situation with Spencer is based on a big presumptions that isn’t necessarily true or even likely. Reports from Cowboys insiders suggest that they don’t plan to extend him next season, but would prefer to see Crawford and/or Wilbur be able to step up and replace him after another year of development. While you can argue that he’s overpaid on the franchise tag, it was pretty clear to anyone watching Cowboys games last season that he was the best player on the defense. If they were to extend him after franchising him twice, your point would be right that they just pushed his extension out into his mid-30s. But if they let him walk after this year, as some indications suggest they intend to do, then they are getting him at what is likely to be his peak performance for two years with no long-term commitment. If that turns out to be the case, then your whole point about his tag situation pushing off his extension becomes completely moot.

        Also, I have heard you talk about the Cowboys a couple/few times now, and I have never heard you even mention anything about the $10 cap penalty imposed by Mara and the league. You mentioned the penalty for the Redskins (which was much larger, but still $10M isn’t peanuts) but you failed to mention it for the Cowboys. I don’t think you can be fair and thorough in your discussion of their cap situation, and how they got into it, without even noting that fact. Honestly, would your assessment of their cap situation, and how they got into it, change at all if they had $10M extra in cap space this year and heading into 2014 to work with?

        • Ill try to touch on all of this in another podcast as its a good question, but the main difference is that the Redskins did not compromise their future to deal with the harsh cap penalties whereas the Cowboys have. Dallas is carrying a monster payroll filled with void contracts and bloated dead money figures. An extra few million would not have changed that. The other big difference is Dallas still has Miles Austin on the team and their penalty was based on their departure from their normal operating procedure on him. Now I dont think Dallas should have received the penalty but had they used their normal signing bonus procedure with him the true cap penalty would be around $5 million split over the two years. But Ill look into it a bit more and try to do something on it this week or next week.

          As for Spencer I thought the Cowboys made it known they would prefer he stay. Plus I cant recall anytime in recent memory that Dallas let a good player walk away from the team. Thats just not the way they usually operate. Id be stunned if he has another 10 sack type season and Dallas lets him walk next year without making a tremendous offer to him.

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