Podcast: Cutler, Cap Carryover, Extensions, NFL Picks and More


In this weeks OTC Podcast:

– I give some thoughts on Jay Cutlers situations

– Look over the benefits of late season contract extension

– Discuss the rules of salary cap carryover

– Talk some Steelers contracts

– Give my picks for the week

– And of course talk a little Jets football

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  • buk

    2 requests for next podcast. Now that season is about over could you talk about projected top 5 free agents at QB,CB,S, and OL for upcoming offseason. Maybe what kind of offers the top five will get if they hit free agency and a few teams who may bid for their services. Obviously the Jets and Eagles should be looking to acquire help in the secondary.
    Also can you touch on why Chip Kelly seems to getting a pass in media on cutting Desean Jackson? All the focus on Sanchez but the Eagles offense has not been the same ALL year since Jackson left. Jackson proved it once again that you must keep a deep safety on his side when he is on the field. He leads the league with 12 receptions over 40yds on a bad team and Jackson is he difference between Philly making and not making playoffs this year. Unlike Harvin, Jackson has defined role in any offense as one of top players in the league at tracking the deep ball. He’s not Dez, Nelson,Megatron but defenses have to play him a certain way with their safety or risk the big play. It helps both the running game and passing game both of which suffered this year without Jackson.
    Kelly did not trade Jackson he cut him and allowed him to play against the Eagles in their own division with no compensation whatsoever. That’s madness because even the Seahawks were smart enough to trade Harvin to the Jets who were out of their division. Harvin hopes to have the career of Sproles, but to me there are not enough they can contribute on special teams, bubble screens, etc then how easy Jackson’s 4 receptions for 126yds plus drawing 2 pass interference penalties from this past Saturday.

    • buk

      Forgot to add as Jets fan it’s been too long since we had a bona fide big play deep threat receiver like Toon or a red zone threat like Keyshawn. It’s clear that without a number 1 receiver Decker does not have speed to get open consistently or run down balls (not thrown perfectly downfield). He has size but not athletic enough to elevate to be a true red zone threat. Obviously Kerley and Harvin cannot provide red zone or deep balls threats consistently either. It’s like what Brady had to deal with for years after Moss left but at least he had Gronk, Hernandez,Welker and Edelman for the intermediate passing game. Goes to show how poorly Idzik put this team together 20 mil per season are allocated to the WR position and you still are lacking in keys areas of the passing game.