Podcast: $133 mil salary cap, franchise players, trades, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Eagles


In this weeks OTC podcast I share my thoughts on the new salary cap, jump into the franchise tags given to Nick Folk, Greg Hardy, and Jimmy Graham, look at the ways to facilitate trades, do a quick overview of the Cowboys salary cap, give my thoughts on the Eagles spending spree plus more of your questions about the NFL.

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  • Anders

    I thought the cap was determined by revenue, but the NFLPA borrowed from future revenue in the old CBA, so the new CBA didnt get a spike because the NFLPA had already used it in previouse years

  • Anders

    Regarding Vick, he was an above average passer the last 3 years. Was he great? no, but he was much better passer than giving credit for. I agree he would be a risk because he wants to start and cant stay healthy, but I think he is a top 15 passer in the NFL.