• McGeorge

    Jason, I don’t agree that the pricing for QB free agents is broken.
    If teams are stupid, and offer stupid contracts, they will suffer.
    If I’m stupid and overpay for cars, house, etc, then I won’t do well financially.
    Let the free market set the price of QBs.
    If the Bears sign Glennon for 14.5 their GM is making a desperate move to save his job, and the team is poorly run. That’s on the team president or owner to keep an eye on.

  • hkim2016

    Does the lack of variation in distribution of value at the QB position also indicate (at least in part, if not completely) that the evaluation system/process is inefficient? Aside from market forces and contracts, the fact that QB contract values all clump together like that seems to indicate to me that GMs and FOs are unable to calculate proper attribution of QB contributions to their offenses. Since it’s clear performance levels vary wildly, shouldn’t salaries follow suit?