OTC Podcast 7/22: Miller, Wilkerson, and Berry Decisions

In this weeks OTC podcast:

Thoughts on the Broncos contract with Von Miller

The shocking signing of Muhammad Wilkerson

Did Eric Berry make the right call on the franchise tag

Plus questions on Justin Tucker, LeVeon Bell, Ryan Fitzpatrick and more.

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  • McGeorge

    Its one thing if the choice is 14MM or sit out and go free agent the following year. But this deal seems greatly in von Millers favor.
    He’s getting QB money and doesn’t provide QB value.
    If we can believe what we read about Denvers first contract offer(doubtful), he would sit rather than get paid 19.5MM?

    Denver treated this as if they were signing a free agent.
    The only saving grace is Denver has no expensive QB to pay, so they may have some extra money to spend for several years.

    Von Miller would have had to forgo at least 19.5MM to sit out. He was not a free agent, so there is no reason for him to be paid like one.

    If Denver had a real QB, who was making 20MM, there is no way they should have caved in to von Miller.
    Call his bluff. Make 19.5MM or get 0 for a year, then try and make that back in 5-6 years.

    Denver is over paying for 3 years.

  • McGeorge

    One more thing – I thought it was a terrible move to bring Cromartie back at that salary. Macc blew a huge amount of money, and now is not in a good cap situation.
    I think he’s a below average GM. Better than Idzik? So what, Idzik was terrible.

    Macc brought in mediocre players, and squandered a lot of money.
    It will take 2-3 year to evaluate the Jets drafting under him, so I’ll withhold judgement, but I have a gut feeling he’ll end up being a failure.
    Maybe in the early-mid 2020’s the Jets will be good again.

    Is it the owner?

    • Ghoston

      The jets had to spend a certain amount of money or they would get penalized for not spending the 89% rule. They went over by 1 mil only. Maybe extend Wilkerson and bring in a cheaper corner should have been the solution, instead of Cromartie. But the Jets had to spend it and it had to be on 53 players cash basis. Couple teams will have to give out bad contracts next year and you will talk about carryover but they can’t or they will get penalized. I still don’t know what the penalties are but this part of thing the Union won, since there is no floor anymore.

      • McGeorge

        The Jets had to spend a certain amount, but I think they went well beyond that. I don’t think it was just 1MM more than the mandatory amount, otherwise they would have been able to carry over around 15MM or so (the difference between the 2015 cap and floor).

        There is a floor. If a team doesn’t spend enough money, they have to write checks to the former players.

        • Ghoston

          There is no floor anymore it’s this.

          Per the new CBA in 2011

          Section 9. Minimum Team Cash Spending:
          (a) For each of the following four-League Year periods, 2013–2016 and
          2017–2020, there shall be a guaranteed Minimum Team Cash Spending of 89% of the Salary Caps for such periods (e.g., if the Salary Caps for the 2013–16 and 2017–2020 are $100, 120, 130, and 150 million, respectively, each Club shall have a Minimum Team Cash Spending for that period of $445 million (89% of $500 million))
          (b) Any shortfall in the Minimum Team Cash Spending at the end of a League Year in which it is applicable (i.e., the 2016 and 2020 League Years) shall be paid, on or before the next September 15, by the Team having such shortfall, directly to the players who were on such a Team’s roster at any time during the applicable seasons, pursuant to the reasonable allocation instructions of the NFLPA.
          (c) Nothing contained herein shall conclude a Team from having cash spending in excess of the Minimum Team Cash Spending, provided that the Team com- plies with the accounting rules of the Salary Cap set forth in Article 13.
          (d) If the NFL agrees, or a final judgment or award is entered by the System Arbitrator, that a Team has failed by the end of of an applicable League Year to make the payments required to satisfy a Team’s obligations to pay the Minimum Team Cash Spending required by this Agreement, then, in the event the Team fails promptly to comply with such agreement, judgment or award, the NFL shall make such payment on behalf of that Team (such funds to be paid as salary directly to the players on such Team at the direction of and pursuant to the reasonable allocations of the NFLPA).

          That’s how it works

          They had to spend a certian amount since they didn’t do anything in 2012 2013 and 2014

          • McGeorge

            I know how it works. My point is I think they over spent. They didn’t have to spend as much as they did. You said they met that minimum and exceeded it by 1MM. I don’t think thats correct, otherwise they would be able to roll over some cap money to 2016, which they weren’t able to do.

            1. What was the amount the Jets had underspent by?
            2. How much did they spend in 2015 when Maccagnan ‘went shopping’?

          • McGeorge

            There is a floor, but it rolls over several years, in the sense that they have to spend a minimum over that time. It’s no longer a yearly floor, but a rolling one.

            So the Jets were required to spend enough to reach it. But even if a team does that, they are no where near their max cap, assuming they carried over unused cap money, which they don’t have to do. I don’t know if Idzik under spent and didn’t roll the surplus forward, which would be really stupid.