OTC Podcast 5/8: Deflategate, Collins signs, Wilkersons Future, Eagles and More

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

– Opinion on the deflated balls controversy and punishments

– La’el Collins scored pretty big as a UDFA

– Thoughts on Dante Fowler’s injury and Jaguars nightamrish first rounds

– Is Wilkerson out of the Jets

– What would the Vikings want from Dallas for Peterson

– Thoughts on McCoy and Eagles being a racist organization

– Boxing and more

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  • McGeorge

    I think “DeflateGate” is a bigger deal than you think.
    On advnacedfootballanalytics.com they have an article showing the correlation between low air pressure and reduced fumbling.
    It’s not a little thing, the Patriots may have derived real benefit from this.
    I think a suspension of Brady is in order, rather than a loss of draft picks, since there isn’t proof that Belichick was involved.