OTC Podcast 5/30: Guaranteed Contracts, Tannehill Contract, Wilson, Marshall, 49ers and more

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

– Thoughts on Adrian Peterson’s rant on the Vikings and NFL contracts

– A look at Ryan Tannehills contract

– What is going on with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks

– Brandon Marshalls long term future with the Jets

– The 49ers transitional season

– June 1 cuts, Lebron James and more..

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  • McGeorge

    Peterson is a dumb ass, no other way to say it.
    He’s making an insane amount as a RB.
    There is a possibility that I will not live long enough to see another RB make that much money, unless the salary cap grows 10% a year for 15 years, or I live a long time ;-)

    Getting paid that much he should shut up and play.

    It sounds like a lot of agents aren’t doing right for their clients.
    This is an opportunity for Zach to explain what he can offer over a “big name” agent.
    My only recommendation for agents is: try and get a roster bonus each year, so if the team wants to cut the player it’s done early, at the start of free agency and before the draft. A player cut in June or July is screwed.