• McGeorge

    I find the idea of trading draft picks for absorbing cap its interesting, and I’ve thought about that for several years.

    On the one hand, one could come up with the economic worth a a pick at position X, so thats workable. On the other hand, I think many of the teams that would have to resort to this have probably mismanaged the cap, and are selling their a little of their future to pay for a current mistake, which I don’t like.
    This should be a red flag for the team president or owner. IF a GM does this, they should look closely as to why this needs to be done.
    If its because a team is going all in to try for a Super Bowl, and signed a bunch of free agents, then ok. If it’s because the team, was the Saints and routinely screwed up free agent signing and player contracts, then the GM should be put on notice.