OTC Podcast 4/17: Hernandez, Peterson, Rivers on the Block…

In this weeks OTC Podcast:

– Impact of Hernandez verdict on Patriots

– Adrian Peterson trade possibilities

– Rivers on the way out of San Diego?

– Thoughts on the 2012 Rookie Options

– Is Russell Wilson really considering baseball or is it just posturing

– Plus some more Twitter and email questions

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  • Bo Jørgensen

    I think the upload went wrong. The podcast is not in the website or stitcher. I can’t stream the podcast either

  • Michael Brown

    Even iTunes is having problems. As soon as I try to download it it immediately stops and has an error code (or ! in a bubble)

  • McGeorge

    >>Is Russell Wilson really considering baseball or is it just posturing

    He’ll “consider” baseball if he’s actually good enough to start, which he’s not. Baseball wont pay him 20MM unless he’s a star.

    Joe Mauer made the right choice. Baseball is safer, and players have longer careers.

    The one piece of leverage Russel Wilson has is there are around 6+ teams desperate for a QB, that would pay him a boat load. The question for him is how much he wants to play on a good team. Make 20MM on a good team, or 24 on a bad team. When you retire with 200MM or whatever the number is, you probably wont miss the extra money, but you may not have enjoyed those 10 years on the Raiders.

  • McGeorge

    I guess you recorded this before Quentin Coples was extended by the Jets.
    This makes me think Maccagnan is not that good.

    I think he’s over paid, but maybe they figured they would look him over for a year.

    I sure hope Macagnan is good at player evaluation and drafting, because I don’t like his signing so far. I think he wasted a lot of money.

  • McGeorge

    The Chargers should trade Rivers, and the Giants should trade Eli Manning, provided both teams can get first rounders. Get next years first rounder, or the first rounder and 2nd round in 2 years.