OTC Podcast 4/10: Polamalu Retires, RFA Signings, Wilkerson Skips Workouts

After a very busy week for the host this weeks OTC Podcast features:

– Thoughts on Troy Polamlu’s retirement and what it means on the cap

– Reasoning behind Raiders and Bucs attempts to sign RFAs

– A look at Wilkersons decision to not attend offseason workouts with the Jets

– An overview of injury settlements

– What the Ravens might do next with Joe Flacco’s contract

– Plus some more Twitter and email questions

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  • McGeorge

    Even if Maccagnan didn’t think highly of Wilkerson at the time, wouldn’t a smart GM reevaluate their position? Belichick didn’t use a 7th round pick on Danny Woodhead, but liked what he saw with the Jets so that he claimed him when the Jets cut him. It just seems silly for someone to stick with a view of a player based on college performance, despite 4 years of pro experience.

    The Jets aren’t competing for the play offs without a franchise QB, so spending on a short term solution (David Harris) doesn’t make sense. Better to let him walk and overpay Wilkerson with the saved 15MM from Harris.

    I’m not thrilled with over paying Coples either.

    I just hope that the new Jets management and coaching staff is better than the old one at evaluating players. If they can get something out of Coples and Pryor I’ll be impressed.

  • McGeorge

    As for what Joe Flacco could make on the Open market – I’d guess at least 18MM, up to 20MM. The reason he’d get that much is there is a shortage of QBs. A team like the Jets or the Jaguars or Tampa (depending on the draft) has been desperate for a QB for years.

    What would it cost to extend Flacco? The Ravens aren’t a strong play off team anymore so they don’t have that allure. Flacco can hold their feet to the fire. Would it cost 20MM per year to extend him? More?